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  Guest Article: November 5th, 1999

Green Grass

By: Elektra

I've been hearing all sorts of stories about how webmasters are tired of putting up with idiotic flamers, ignorant newbies, bad ratings, whatever. So much so that they're leaving the SM community for a better one, crying and wailing away, hoping to seek solace in a community that is better accepting of them. More power to you, folks.

But what I do want to tell you before you go that the SM community is one of a million virtual online communities. In each community you deal with there is going to be flamers, ignorants, and other baddies bent on the destruction of you and your new obsession.

Since how would a lil' person like me who isn't known for beans in the SM community know how it is? Easy. I'm a traveler. I've been on the internet awhile now, and have hung around several communities, one being the gymnastics community, and there are more opinionated people in that particular community than you can shake a stick at. People debate and argue about everything from the latest gymnastics scandal, to the new and revised Code of Points, to the over scored routines of Svetlana Khorkina (my favorite gymnast) on floor. I was tired of it all, dang it! My Svetlana is cool, don't you go insulting her!!

After blowing a gasket at someone for calling my Svetlana overrated, I decided I had enough of this! So I packed up my little amount of HTML knowledge and carried a chip in my shoulder to the virtual SM community, a community that loves the show starring a Defender of Justice. How could anything be wrong with that?

Plenty. I found the show at the worst possible time, late December. At least according to a lot of Lemure files that is. Anyway, I was shocked at all the flame wars, fighting, and general absurdity. Elites vs. Newbies? What in heaven's name was that supposed to mean? Stop image thieves? Since when were images copyrighted by Naoko, Bandai, etc YOUR property; hmm? Chibiusa is a little virus? What the hell? I liked her! I thought she was cute.

With all this messiness, that chip I carried from the gymnastics community got bigger, and again I felt the negativity that I did when I was a part of the virtual gymnastics world. There were flamers, ignorants, and just general no-accounts.

To make a long story short, there is no ideal community. Nothing is ever perfect. There are always going to be a few losers. That green grass you saw from a distance may only be Astro Turf.

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