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  Guest Article: September 19th, 2001

Doinky Sites

By: doink-chan

*sung to the tune of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 theme*

I went to a site one day
Found it in Anipike
Didn't know it was a doinky site
I thought it was one i'd like

And when i clicked on that one link
It took forever to download
Midis were blaring endlessly
And there was a picture of a toad

MIDI! (Don't you LIKE music in the background?)
POPUPS! (Hey, check out these cool offers even though you don't want them)
BAD LAYOUT! (What do you mean this clashes with red text?!?)
MISINFOOOOOOORMATION! (Yup, the Sailor Starlights are sure as hell scouts!)

So if you find a doinky site
Report it to the AQ
Or repeat to yourself it's just a site,
I should really execu-
*Andy Heyward: You want to chop my head off?!?*
And MST it for DOINKY SITE THEATER 3000!!!!

For those who don't know, doinky means horrible, crappy, that kind of stuff. And Andy Heyward is the guy who runs DIC. As for MST3K you can find more about it at *apologizes for the shameless plug*. And you might have seen my dub rant that I posted in 1999 or so as Sailor_Gee. Anyway, bye for now.

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