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  Guest Article: February 12th, 2000

No Need for Trends

By: Cloud

Well, I never thought I'd ever be writing a Lemures article, but, I guess it finally had to happen. I used to look forward to reading all the new opinions every time there were new lemures files, but now, I just find them boring, sad, and uninteresting. All it seems to be is that everyone wants to complain about this trend or that trend. No one seems to notice that you all started your own interesting little trend. Every time, someone writes an article about how all the webmasters have been shutting down, and then the next time a webmaster has to defend themselves. Or if it isn't about that, it’s about one person complaining about DiC and another saying that we should worship DiC (I know, no one said that, but it sure sounds like it). I do realize that the way a lot of us got into Sailormoon was through the lame dub. I myself was quite the rabid SOS supporter for awhile, but now I've seen the Japanese version and I know how much of the dub was taken out. Just because DiC got me into Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon doesn't mean that I should watch and praise DiC. ^_- If it weren't for DiC, I wouldn't know what BSSM was, but, I already know what it is, so I don’t owe DiC anything anymore.

^_^ Anyway, I guess I got off topic. ^^; Now for the webmaster part: ^_^ I'd like anyone to honestly tell me that they have -never- done anything for certain private reasons that you’d rather not tell all to everyone. To make a point, imagine that you have to sit in one place for 15 hours straight and draw an "X" on papers. You have to do every paper that comes by. You have about 20 papers per minute. That's about 18,000 papers in total. Probably around hour 3 you'd get rather tired, bored, and annoyed. I assume that's what the webmasters feel. It's fun and easy in the beginning, but it starts to become a rather boring chore after a while. Who wants to do something like that? If that was a job, you'd probably quit. So, they decide to quit. What's wrong with that? It's their website! But, there is a problem! Because of all the people who talk about how they suck because they’re closing down they’re websites, the webmasters/mistresses all the sudden think they have to defend themselves strongly to everyone. If they want to defend themselves, please, can they just e-mail the author who wrote the lemures? I really don't want to hear about how Sailormoon is a very boring, lame, and old anime! I don't read lemures to have people tell me what anime is FAR better than Sailormoon. Maybe I don’t think that FY is as good as BSSM.

Back to my point, I really don’t think people should complain about the webmasters/mistresses dropping their sites. It's their business. I also think that if the person has a problem, they should e-mail it to the author of the Lemures. Not everyone wants to hear them defending they’re reasons. I already understand! And for DiC, the dub's over. I really don't think that anyone owes DiC anything. Also, (I'm probably not the right person to say this since I used to try to very hard to end SOS.. ^^;) writing a Lemure won't stop DiC. They’re probably already stopped. They’re mistakes are already done. Pretty much everyone who goes to the AQ probably already -know- that Zoicite was a man, the original voices didn't suck, and that Rini didn't have a horrid obsession with pancakes. Anyway, that's all I have to say.. well, also that these are just my opinions.. ^_^ I hope I didn't offend anyone!

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