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  Guest Article: October 27th, 2001

The Problems with Cosplay

By: Clari-chan

Cosplay is an art many Sailormoon fans enjoy. Somehow, dressing up as your favorite soldier gives these people thrills for the duration of that con, Halloween, or other special occasion. Some look almost professional at their art and continue to amaze con-goers with their work, like Sailor JAMboree ( or Starcrossed Lovers (

However, there's one problem. The Sailor JAMborees are unfortunately the exception to the rule of beautiful sailor senshi fuku. Anyone who's been to an anime con can tell you of the overabundance of absolutely terrible SM "cosplayers."

You don't have to take a con-goer's word for it. See for yourself. Taking a look at can show you dozens of "senshi" that can make a blind person wince. T-shirts are replaced for what is supposed to be a leotard. The front and back bows are made ridiculously small, and out of ribbon, which is preposterous. I've even seen some SM cosplayers wear white tennis shoes, and wear nonpleated miniskirts.

C'mon, people. I understand you really want to be that soldier for a day, but putting together a "costume" like that is ridiculous. There are plenty of easy, inexpensive ways to make your own sailor fuku:

1) If you want to make it yourself, Method: Cosplay ( suggests Butterick pattern #5781.

2) If you don't have the resources to make it yourself, there are numerous places where you can buy a nice fuku. eBay is usually a good place to start. Also, Setsuna Kou ( makes custom Sailormoon and anime costumes.

3) If you need help on your costume, I recommend joining the COSP list ( With nearly 900 members, you're sure to find someone who can help you with your problem.

Putting a little time and effort into your costume will pay off!

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