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  Guest Article: September 1st, 2000

Sera-Myu and You

By: Tristen Citrine

As I'm sure many of you know, BSSM is still continuing in Japan through the Sailormoon musicals, or as they are more commonly referred to, Seramyu. In fact, the one playing right now features, for the very first time, those lovably sadistic villainesses, the Amazoness Quartet. From the few pictures I've seen, the girl playing Palla-Palla is so darn cute, I want to send her a beheaded doll. These shows, in my humble opinion, are dynamic productions that need to be seen to believe, and are precious gems in any SM collection.

There is a problem with the Seramyu though - FANSUBS. Yes, I'm talking about those tapes many an otaku seek to better understand a commercially unavailable anime title. The SM live action plays have not yet been subtitled by anyone that I personally know of, yet copies (meaning not Bandai originals) have begun to pop up at various distributors, and on Ebay. Can somebody say bootleg?

The fact is, with the exception of the rare guide and fan event videos, which can only be purchased at the theater, during the run of that specific show, Seramyu is commercially available. Have a gander at Animail:

Now, I didn't say they were cheap, did I? Deal with it, anime in general is expensive to many people. This is no excuse to run off and BUY a bootleg copy from someone. Heck, the "Ongaku Shuu", or "Musical Songs Best Collection", is a good start for the Seramyu newbie, and it is under thirty bucks. After all, it got me to eventually buy all the other Myu, save for S, which is another story. I, for one, have never been disappointed in any of these glorious tapes. In fact, Fisheye is playing a hilarious game show hostess on my television right now, as a part of Shin Densetsu Kourin. Even though I haven't a clue what the actors are saying most of the time (lyrics to many of the songs are easily found at sites like Lyric Moon), I can easily follow the story, and always find myself enchanted.

It is simple, if you want to experience the Sailor Moon Musicals, don't buy a bootleg. Live a little - try the real thing. You'll have the best quality tape possible, and will be supporting the continuation of the beautiful SM story. Besides, it is great fun to run around the house singing such selections as "La Soldier", "FIRE", "Solar Miracle Make-Up!" and "Everlasting Moonlight". If you get truly demented, like yours truly, you'll find yourself in full costume doing the dances too!

If the English dub is getting you down, Myu is the medicine!

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