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  Guest Article: April 25th, 2000

The Silence is Coming

By: Charmarril

To start off this article, I do not want to go on top of my soapbox telling you stuff most of you already know. But due to a little coaxing by Time Warner (the guys that own the Cartoon Network), we will be getting the next two seasons of "Sailor Moon" next season. You heard me right. As we speak, DIC is out in full force to give us both the S and Super S seasons of this great series. Now you think that because it is on Cartoon Network, the guys who gave us a nearly-perfect "Gundam Wing" and an improved Dragonball Z (due to Funimation splitting ways with Saban), they would respect the rights of anime fans around the country and let us see it the way it was meant to be. But from the nightmares heard about the dubbing of the movies, we are getting ready for the most destruction since the annihilation of Mugen School. I have been thinking (a very dangerous past time) about how bad these two seasons could get butchered. While I have not yet seen SMSS, I have seen the Japanese version of S (with the help of VKLL). So now I shall begin ranting at what is prime meat for the cutting board:

  • Haruka and Michiru fans rejoice. Those lesbians we all love are finally coming this season! But how are they going to explain this? Knowing them, they could pull a Starlights on Haruka since we know they go from men to women. But to an actual Outer Senshi? The Starlights only disguised as men to be less obvious in searching for their princess. How are those idiots going to explain Haruka? Please don't pull a Zoicite, DIC!

  • Speaking of lesbians, remember that in two episodes, the Inners fall for our handsome woman. Sure the first time, Minako and Usagi don't know the truth. But what about the episode with Makoto? This might be one of the most dangerous episodes of the season! The other Inners actually think Mako has given up on guys! And the choice of Daimon in this episode is, well, rather interesting. (Definate misunderstandings could occur.) I really hope this one pulls through. (Just like a SS episode, but I will get to that)

  • Next, the Outers spend a good portion of the season talking about sacrifices. They are talking of letting someone die to complete their mission! Would DIC allow talk of death for a supposed kids show? Knowing them, no. Remember what happened during the "Day of Destiny" incident. And will Saturn still be "the sacrificing senshi"?

  • Moving on to the villians (trust me, the Death Busters are my favs, but will they be that or the "NegaBusters"?), we all know that Professor Tomoe will probably get a name change (for Americanization). But will his, uh, assistant, Kaolinite, get a reduction? You probably all remember how scantily she wears her clothes (for those who have not seen, think Jennifer Lopez at the Grammys). But what will become of her, uh, assets. Please hope DIC has matured!

  • In one episode, we find out that Chibi-Usa came back to the past to find new friends. (thus explaining the fate of her meeting Hotaru). But one of the kids that she meets is, uh, strange. Let's just say that the censors (or DIC) would have a field day with this scene. OK, they don't really show anything in that scene, but he does pull down his pants. (and he is not wearing underwear even!) As the kid says in that scene, "In the name of the moon, will you punish me?"

  • Speaking of Hotaru (boy does she go through a lot this season), there is plenty of strange imagery going along with her being what she is, both a prophet and a destroyer. Some of her nightmares might be OK to reveal her true nature. But knowing what happened when the Inners were on Rubius's crucifixes, we might see some more cut out that, while not vital, makes the development of her troubles less continous.
Thats all I can think of for SMS right now. if there is more, is up for grabs. As for SMSS, I have not seen that season yet, so I can only comment a little. But the biggest controversy here is Fish-Eye. Knowing DIC, they are probably going to try to pull a Zoicite on him, if they don't try for Uranus and Neptune. But what about that episode with Mamoru that I have heard about? How mutilated could it get? But other than that, SS is harmless compared to S. In the end, I shall say some similar stuff to other articles:
  • Thanks Naoko! (for creating this in the first place)
  • Thanks Dic, now go away!! (for introducing me to Sailor Moon)
  • Thanks VKLL!! (for showing me how the series should really be done)
And if any of those prophecies really do come true, then I guess I can take over for Wiseman as the head of the Black Moon Family. (Nah, rather Tomoe. Eudial Forever!!!!!)

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