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  Guest Article: November 17, 2001

Nehellenia's Cosmetic Origin

By: Tour Guide Bunny

I came to a startling lead to Nehellenia's origin while watching a show on the learning channel that discussed Cosmetic Surgeries That Went Wrong. This article addresses a possible basis for Nehellenia's personality. I will attempt to explain the connection between her and cosmetic surgery as best I can. While it may not have truly been the inspiration it is a very interesting coincidence none-the-less.

We all know by now that Queen Nehellenia's wanted more than anything to be young and beautiful forever, it was her dream as is for many people in today's society. They fear growing old and (in their eyes) ugly. Like Nehellenia who could not obtain her dream on her own, people resort to a false beauty. While Nehellenia depended on the magic from the mirror people in the real world tend to try to obtain this dream (and bury their fear) through cosmetic surgery.

While cosmetic surgery seems like the answer there are chances you take and things you must give up. First, you are giving up the natural beauty you were born with. As you grow older you appearance might change but you are still you. By doing this surgery you are living in the past, not letting go of it.

As for the chances you take there is one big one... something going wrong. Some unlucky people are left with a disfigured appearances for the rest of their lives. The same could be seen as true for Nehellenia. In the show I was watching, people who are victims of botched cosmetic surgeries find themselves isolated and alone, not wanting others to see their ugliness. The queen, after seeing her horrible future as an old "ugly" woman accepted the false beauty. After which she eventually found herself the same situation.

Sailormoon focuses on the strength of inner beauties. If you watch the first season you will see that the evils are based upon things we are surrounded by everyday. It just seems that Queen Nehellenia's situation somewhat 'mirrors' those in the situation of cosmetic surgery.

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