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  Guest Article: October 27th, 2001

Mamoru-san, why are you so hated?

By: Tour Guide Bunny

I remember a few years ago reading a silly argument on "who's the better choice for Usagi-chan". I was going to write an article on it back then but just assumed forget about it. When I saw the debate on Silver Moonlight just the other day, it sparked my interest in writing this article again. And so, I begin on my opinion on the matter. Please bear with me.

Okay, granted that everyone is entitled to their opinion on who they think is the better choice for Usagi-chan, Mamoru-san or Seiya-kun, but the fact remains she has already chosen for herself. She chose Chiba Mamoru. That should pretty much be the end of the story, right? Wrong. People argue that Seiya Kou is better for Usagi-chan. I think it's fine if people wish that they were together or write fanfictions about Usagi-chan and Seiya-kun. Like I said, everyone is entitled to their opinion. What I can't understand is some of the arguments that people pose to support this idea. I've noticed that this stems mainly from their strong dislike toward Mamoru-san or Chibi Usa-chan. That's also fine. My problem is, why do people find Mamoru-san so dislikeable? (that's rhetorical, no need to send email about that) I am going to go over point by point, the arguments I have found on this.

1.) He is not romantic.
Alright, I'll give you that in the anime Mamoru-san is not the most romantic character in the world. He can be a little cold, but you have to take a few things into account when you say that. First, he lost his parents when he was still very young. Japanese mothers give their children lots of affection, almost to the point of spoiling, so without that love you can see that a child would become somewhat distant. Without parental guidance and love a person will not pick up the social skills usually needed later in life. Second, Usagi-chan would be his first girlfriend as far as we know so you have to assume he has not had any practice in relationships. He is learning as he goes.

2.) He is mean to Usagi-chan.
If you are referring to before they were dating, yes, he was mean to her, like a child teasing a girl he likes and can't express his true feelings to. After they started dating there were only two reasons that he has ever acted mean to her. The first is when he was possessed by an evil force and was being controlled against his will. The other time would be when he was having dreams that she would be killed if he stayed with her. To protect her, he tried in any way he could to keep her away. It is true that he can sometimes be strict with her, especially when she is acting extremely immaturely, but he is not mean to her.

Plus, have you ever noticed how much he actually puts up with having a girlfriend like Usagi-chan? I like her very much, but she can definitely be a handful. She is obnoxious, loud, childish, etc. Still, he loves her. And, I have seen on many occasions where Mamoru-san spoils her and how much money he spends on her. He cleaned out his wallet buying her a designer outfit in one episode, but was happy just having Usagi-chan say "thanks for your love."

3.) He doesn't say he loves her.
First, that is not true. In episode 173 he does tell her that he loves her and not just "sukidaiyo", but "aishiteru". Also, this is not a phrase the Japanese use as often as they do in America. You can read more about this in's article on the subject.

4.) He looks at other girls.
Okay, it is true that in the anime (episode 153) he admits that he was looking at a cute nurse at the dentist's office, BUT don't forget that Usagi-chan was drooling over the cute dentist as well. They were both guilty of looking at other people.

5.) He only liked Usagi-chan after he knew they were destined to be together.
While in the manga Usagi-chan and Mamoru-san showed more of an attraction for each other before they knew they were destined to be together, the anime does seem like they were not attracted to each other until after. If you rewatch the first season you will see that it is not true. They do display affections for each other. Usagi-chan even thinks that Mamoru-san is cute (episode 028: The Drawing of Love. Usagi and Mamoru Getting Closer?) and feels guilty that Rei-chan might get angry at her. She even goes as far as to follow him around when he and Rei-chan go on a "date". Usagi-chan is definitely jealous. Mamoru-san thinks that she is cute (in the same episode mentioned above) as well. Plus, he teases her mercilessly. If you remember what I mentioned before, Mamoru-san doesn't seem to have much experience with feelings or relationships. He seems to be stuck in a childish way of expressing his emotions.

6.) He is studying instead of paying attention to Usagi-chan.
If you didn't notice by now, the Japanese study a LOT. They go to school, then to cram school after their regular school. Children are are pushed to get into the best schools, passing the entrance exams, etc. Some students go as far as committing suicide if they fail the exams. Studying is a very important part of school attendee's lives.

7.) He is too old for her.
They have a four year difference in age, that's true. At her age, it might be best Usagi-chan not to be dating someone four years older but in a few years the age difference won't matter. My husband and I are six years apart in age. We get along very well. Also, you have to take into account that they ARE destined to be together and were in love in a previous life. Can they really help their feelings for each other?

If I think of any more arguments people have had against the relationship I will update this article, but for now, I think I have made my point on that. Now, I will move onto the next part I want to bring up. Usagi-chan & Mamoru-san or Usagi-chan & Seiya-kun? I would like to bring up that while there was some tension between Usagi-chan and Seiya-kun, in the end Usagi-chan didn't even seem to consider Seiya-kun as a potential love interest. Her heart always remained true to Mamoru-san. When Seiya-kun said goodbye to her, she said "yes, we'll always be good friends". I think that says it right there.

And, finally, I have one more point to bring up in this situation and it is not that they are destined to be together. That is so obvious an argument it is not even a factor. It is that Mamoru-san obviously makes Usagi-chan happy. Would you take that away from her just so that she can be with the one you think is best for her? Just because you don't like her boyfriend or her future daughter? I couldn't.

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