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  Guest Article: May 1st, 1999

The Saturn Conspiracy - Uselessness!

By: Bronx

I, as a Saturn and Pluto fan, feel need to rant instead of muttering incoherently at an lifeless screen that can't mutter back.

As many Saturn and Pluto fans have probably noticed, and taken part in, the poor "annoy-me-and-I-can-destroy-the-world" girl and her "mama" have been subjected to an argument over an incredibly useless and time-consuming debate; are they goth? I've seen clubs devoted to both sides of the issue (SING, PING, Gothic Child of Another Realm), webpages (Hotaru Tomoe is Goth, The Great Saturn Conspiracy), and the like. But the question I have is: WHY?

Obviously, Hotaru isn't the picture of a healthy, pink kid. She was more or less a robot for some of her young life before awakening as Saturn, pale, bloodless, cold, often dressing in dark clothes and black leggings to hide her scars. However, this doesn't immediately slap the title of "Goth" onto the girl! More ever, the people that seem to be in such heated debate over this worthless trite seem to think Goths are simply pale children who want to die and drink blood and some such.

Suuure they are. If they're doing it just to be part of a crowd. The ones of us who actually call ourselves "Goth" for a reason often are all colors and races and religions. I myself am hardly the picture of frail paleness. Goths are also often searching to explain things other people won't bother with: death, life, the dark, whatever it is. Hotaru already has an intimate knowledge of death and rebirth; but when is it ever said she continues searching to explain it? She knows, therefore she doesn't need to. She was happy simply growing up again with the Outer Senshi, laughing, playing, and learning the violin. Hardly the picture of brooding suicidal tendencies so many seem to associate with "goths" and this argument.

The same with Setsuna. So she's quiet. So she's often mysterious. Big flippin' woop. She's been alone in between Time; she's cultivated the capacity to think a great deal before speaking or acting. And just because she wears a black Sailor uniform doesn't mean she lives in the color.

Quite frankly, I'm growing tired of seeing the debate, however small or big it may be. Setsuna and Hotaru are simply cartoon characters whom Takeuchi thought fit to create the way they are. You cannot slap them into certain categories like slabs of beef on the way to market; it's a waste of time, and after a while, no one cares anyway. Maybe they're Goth by the standards I've laid out; maybe they're not. Whatever the case is, why not let it drop? They're great characters. They have as much a personality to them as fictional people can. But leave it at that.

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