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  Guest Article: March 11th, 2000

Relative Powers - Chibi-Moon and Sailormercury

By: Brian Bork

"Pink sugar, heart attack!" Ring a bell? Ewwwwww it's a Chibi-Moon attack, it's so weak and crapy, way to much pink for my taste. Well, Chibi-Moon's attack might not be powerful or aesthetically appealing, but it gets the job done. So do Sailormercury's for that matter. It seems that these two Senshi have received terrible publicity for their seemingly weak powers even if it's unfounded and poorly constructed criticism.

Sailor Chibi-Moon isn't all that impressive physically, all that pink can't possibly be intimidating to any youma, droid, daemon, lemures, etc. After all, she's a Senshi in training with little experience to call on at her young age but she seems to win in the end. Even though her "Pink sugar heart attack" is weak in strength, it makes up ten fold in annoyance...annoyance to the unsuspecting monster that is. If you've seen her attack something in S then you know her powers are somewhat of a running joke but they seem to work when their needed (that being another part of the joke). "Pink sugar heart attack" gives just enough distraction time for Sailormoon to whip out her trusty Spiral Moon Heart Rod and destroy the offending daemon no strings attached! Why pick on poor Chibi-Moon when even she herself feels like she's getting the short end of the stick in some cruel twist of fate. She's the more mature, responsible Usagi but she's still stuck with the crapy powers, she still manages to get them to work for her though. If you compare her first Senshi appearance with Usagi's, you'll notice that Chibi-Usa did a lot less crying and way more fighting, in fact she didn't cry at all.........Usagi-chan cried, oh did she ever cry, she won her first fight because she cried for God's sake! ^_~

Ami suffers the same fate as poor Chibi-Usa. "Shabon Spray" seems to have done her in to begin with, it wasn't much of an impressive attack compared to "Fire Soul", "Crescent Beam", or "Supreme Thunder" but on the flip side it was the only defensive attack out of all the first season Senshi. Her two later attacks, "Shine Aqua Illusion" and "Mercury, Aqua Rhapsody", are more offensive but have defensive qualities too. "Shine Aqua Illusion" can create ice walls or barriers and trap potential monsters while "Aqua Rhapsody" can do similar things too.

Out of all the Senshi, Mercury has the most balanced powers. "Shabon Spray" can create fog and cause a freezing mist to settle over enemies, this power has lead to numerous successes against monsters and villains alike (the defeat of Jadeite and Cyprine/Pitul comes to mind). She retrieved the kurozuishou from Prince Endymion with her blinding circles because of her skill and prowess with the help of a carefully placed "Shabon Spray"! ^_~ "Shabon Spray" is the most used first season power beyond R...well maybe it's tied with "Venus Love Me Chain", so you know it's useful. "Shine Aqua Illusion" and "Mercury Aqua Rhapsody" make up for "Shabon Spray"'s lack of offensive power, they both are pretty much the same but the later seems to carry a greater punch.

The summation of Mercury's powers could go something like this: Sailormercury has the perfect mix of offensive and defensive capabilities making her one of the most balanced Sailor Senshi. Mercury can douse her opponent in fog or freeze them in ice. If you count "Shabon Spray Freezing", "Double Shabon Spray Freezing" and "Mercury Aqua Mirage" then you have the Senshi with the most attacks minus Sailormoon of course.

Lastly, I can't forget to mention Venus because I believe she has the second best mix of offensive and defensive powers. "Crescent Beam" and "Love and Beauty Shock" are offensive while "Venus Love Me Chain" can be either offensive or defensive. I think "Love Me Chain" is one of the most versatile attacks in all of Sailormoon because Sailorvenus can use it as a weapon to puncture things, or she can bind her target or save herself or others while falling from a high place.

Next time, before your ever to quick to put down Chibi-Moon or Sailormercury, remember that their powers might not be the most impressive but they do work very well when their needed. In the case of Mercury, they might be a required component of the Sailor Team. Be wary of those with a short stature or shy disposition, they might end up as your most formidable opponent so take care what you say or you might find yourself at the receiving end of "Pink Sugar Heart Attack" or "Shabon Spray". :)

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