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  Guest Article: April 17, 2001

There is no Such Thing as a Least Favorite

By: Sailorbonkie

Someone once asked me this: "Who is your favorite Senshi?" I was very surprised to hear this from her. You see, I don't believe in least favorites when it comes to the Sailormoon series. I don't think there is such thing. I happen to think all of the characters are fabulous in many different aspects!

Each character is special in his or her own way. They have different personalities, different egos, different personas. They all like to do different things,hang out with certain people. They are all special in some way! For example, someone recently explained to me that Rei's personality is surrounded by her Shinto belief. You see, Rei lives and breaths the Shinto belief and culture. Her Shinto beliefs, ideas, and her personality are what make her unique and wonderful.

Minako acts just like the horoscope sign that she is, a libra. Minako is a beautiful character who wants to be an actress and a model. She also has a HUGE past,that was unfortunately ignored by the dubbing companies but that is another subject all together. She was actually the FIRST senshi! She was in London England fighting crime and was in love. Unfortunately, her love betrayed her in the worst way. She had to leave and get away from everything. As the first season of Sailormoon rolled by,not one viewer suspected that that there was a sailorvenus. In turns out that Sailor Venus and Artemis kept tabs on them through out the season,using a video game machine to communicate with Luna. Rather genius I might say. Sailor Venus also has different attacks. While many of the inners have element attacks(fire,water,earth),sailor venus has a crescent beam. It isn't an element, it is a beam of light that really messes up the villain! Sailor Venus is unique just like every other character in SM.

I recently posted on a message board stating why Sailor Saturn is a GREAT senshi:

I once tried to describe Sailor Saturn in one word. I tried and tried and tried. I have realized something; it is impossible to describe Sailor Saturn in one word. She is everything you want in a sailor scout, senshi, and an anime character. She is mysterious, courageous, noble, beautiful, and powerful!

Her actions

Sailor Saturn's actions tell a lot. What do they tell us you ask? Well,they tell us that she is noble, courageous, brave, strong, and puissant! For instance, during the battle of between the scouts and Pharoah 90, when SailorSaturn appeared,she wanted to sacrifice herself to save the entire world and Universe. She was willing to die for everyone! How brave and noble is that??? How about the time when her and Rini were stuck in another dimension. At one point,the surroundings changed and Rini almost fell into the crack that instantly appeared. If it weren't for Hotaru, there most likely wouldn't be a Chibi Moon in the SuperS series. How about when she fought the card daimon? It was a hard and tough decision that she had to make. Which card was she going to choose? Was it going to be the death card,or the the good card? Well, Hotaru chose the good card and saved all the scouts from that card daimon.

Her relationship with Rini

Hotaru's relationship with Rini is the sweetest thing I have ever seen. These two are partners in justice and will do anything for each other. These two have been through so much,from picnics,to fighting pharoah90. Whenever I see these two together, I get a warm feeling inside. A feeling that I rarely get when I watch anime. Hotaru and Rini's relationship is so sweet. Without their relationship, the S series would be nothing. They belong together!

SailorSaturn's powers

Sailor Saturn is unquestionably one of the most powerful senshi(scout)in the series! She holds the power to destroy the world. (((Spoiler))) Her "Death Ribbon Revolution, "is also extremely powerful! (((End of spoiler))) She definitely measures up against SailorMoon in the power category. (((Spoiler))) Her force field is probably the most useful attack in the whole series. It actually protects the senshi (scouts) from harm! The only defense that the scouts have is to attack before getting attacked. (at least that is what I have noticed). If any of you feel that she hasn't proven her power,than I suggest you go buy the Stars season. The whole season gives you a huge glimpse of Sailor Saturn's power! She was so courageous when she fought Nehelenia! (((End of spoiler)))

Her solitude

Hotaru has always been a lonely character. Her dark clothes give you that image. In the S season,it clearly shows her solitude with the people around her. But with that solitude comes great strength. Her solitude has been a rough but valuable lesson. She has learn to stick it out in the hardest of times. Her solitude adds to her power.

Her mystery

Yes, we haven't seen a lot of her power in the S season. (dub talk) We have only heard and have had a brief glimpse. Isn't that enough. She is called the "Senshi of destruction!" Isn't that enough for you to get a little idea of what Saturn's power is like. The lack of Saturn's power in the S season adds to her mystery. It gives Saturn that special something, that "oomph," to make her a great scout. Yes, her transformation is never seen in the series but does that mean she is powerless. I think the lack of her transformation creates more power and mystery to her character. Maybe Saturn doesn't need a transformation to kick some monster behind. Naoko must have really worked hard on creating such an amazing character. I think she has succeeded.

Hotaru's look

I personally love Hotaru's style in clothes and hair. Everything is dark. Her clothes give us a glimpse of what she deals with. It gives us a glimpse of her personality. Her clothes show us that sadness that she holds deep inside of her. The sadness of loneliness, loss, and sickness. It is all so philosophical if you think about it.

Her relationship with the outers and inners

At first I thought it was disgusting the way the outers treated Hotaru. I was disgusted at the way they wouldn't make an effort to help this poor soul. Thanks to SailorMoon, she was healed and finally excepted by the outers. (((Spoiler)))I love it the way Amara(Haruka) and Michelle (Michiru) raise Hotaru. It is so sweet and nice. Amara and Michelle give Hotaru something she never had the chance to enjoy; a family! I get teary eyed whenever I see those three together. Even Setsuna has been a support ever since she was healed. I think she has played sort of an aunt figure in Hotaru's life. The inners have always been nice to Hotaru. They have always liked her and treated her like part of the huge family. They have tried so hard to save Hotaru, and they have succeeded. They deserve a medal because what is the show without Hotaru (Sailor Saturn)?

Hotaru dubbed

I think CWI did a GREAT job on Hotaru! They kept her name, her father's name, got a great Va, and stuck to the personality of the original. I commend CWI for its efforts.

My conclusion

In conclusion, I think Hotaru is a GREAT character. Sailor Saturn is a great senshi(scout). Naoko has proven that she knows how to make a GREAT character. Everything about Hotaru is amazing. The way she relates to people such as the inners, outers, Rini. The way her clothes match her personality. The way she has been dubbed in CWI. The way she displays her power. Her actions in the original and dubbed. Her mystery, courage, and bravery. Everything about Hotaru is amazing and so important to the series' storyline and plot! Hotaru is one scout that she shouldn't be left unrecognized. She is so important to everything. To the audience, to the fans, to Naoko, to the artist, to EVERYONE. She is so complex in every way, shape, and form! Sailor Saturn is a great example of what a scout should be. Hotaru is one character that makes the series interesting. Every single form that Hotaru has had is just awesome! Mistress 9 is one of the greatest villains I have ever layed eyes on. Baby Hotaru is so cute. Hotaru possessed is scary yet magnificent! Hotaru/SailorSaturn is quite a character! If you haven't really took the time to realize Hotaru's specialness, I suggest you take the time to now. I suggest you take a look at her accomplishments, her achievements, her character, her surroundings, her look, her attitude, her history! If you take a look, you will realize that you have a special anime character on your hands. You will realize that she is an extraordinary person inside and out!

The point of this article is to tell you all that the characters in Sailormoon are great! Each has a different and wonderful trait that makes them special! There is NO such thing as a least favorite character. There is no such thing has a character that needs to improve. There is no such thing as a season that should have had this or that character. Nothing needs to be changed. In my opinion,the best is already here! It takes a lot to come up with a decent character. Fanfiction writers may know for they do this all the time. You have to come up with traits, egos, things that the character hates, things that the character likes, interaction with certain heroes and villains, appearance, clothes, age, and even whereabouts. All of these qualities are important in making a successful and wonderful character. Naoko created more than a dozen characters,all which have these qualities. It takes a lot to do this and Naoko has done it. All of these characters are GREAT in my opinion. Next time, when you sit down to watch a Sailormoon anime, you think about all of these qualities that the character has. Realize what it took to create such a complex character,and cherish every minute of it! Be thankful that a person out there in the world created such AWSOME characters with so many traits as I described.

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