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  Guest Article: February 21, 2000

CWI Inconsistencies

By: Bao

"Venus Love Chain Harness/Whip/Encirlcle/Knockout," Sailorvenus yelled. It was a different attack every day. How could Janice Sonski, the executive producer of the dub, Nicole Thualt, the voice director, and Emilie Barlow, Mina's voice actress miss this? This went on all through the S dub.

Not only did attacks names change from episode to episode, but important terms like Talisman, daimon, and Messiah had different names all season. Daimons were called Diamond Heart Snatchers, Demonaes, and Daimons.

One character even had her name changed every day. Kaolinite went from Kaori Knight, to Kaorinite, to sometimes just Kaori. This was in the original, but it made sense. In the original, after Kaolinite died, Tomoe brought her back to life, and so nobody would know she was Kaolinite, she went by Kaori as a cover up. The S dub just seemed to swap names for no reason.

The SuperS dub by CWi was much better, we still had inconsistencies, but not nearly as many. Sparkling Wide Pressure would usually retain it's name, but was sometimes called Jupiter Thunderclap Zap. Fisheye, changed to a girl, was called "dude" and "Mr. Happy". Venus Love-me Chain still had that Harness/Whip/Encircle problem, but would sometimes just be Venus Love Chain. Mars Flame Sniper sometimes retained its name, but would sometimes be Mare Flame Shooter. The crystal power transformations were sometimes called Star Power. Rini's speech, which should be, "Please Pegasus, help protect everyone's dream" went from,"Please Pegasus, protect people's dreams" to "Pegasus, someone's dream is in danger" and a bunch of other things. CereCere, whose dub name is CeleCele, was called CereCere one time. It was only once, but it could have been avoided.

This article has become bigger than I expected, and proved that CWi's dub was not the best dub. Without these inconsistencies, the dubs could have been great.

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