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  Guest Article: April 9th, 1999

I Support Michiru and Haruka!

By: Ayako

Yes, I know what you're thinking. Here's another lame-a** person who wants to talk about the fact that Michiru and Haruka are, in fact, lesbians, how SOS screwed that up, and why everyone should like lesbians.

*buzz* Wrong.

I'm talking about clubs that say they SUPPORT the homosexual relationship between these two incredible characters. But first, let's state this for the record: I am not homophobic. Yes, Michiru and Haruka are gay. There isn't anything wrong with that. SOS is way out there.

These "I Support Lesbianism Between Michiru and Haruka" groups aren't so bad. It's great that they are *trying* to spread the awareness of the fact that these two girls are lesbians. But do they really do anything? Think about it. If you join, you are obviously pro-homosexuality, or at least neutral. But what comes next? Um...let's think for a minute... Are you really helping the Sailormoon community, and the homophobic population in general, get over their homophobia? No. You are not. If someone was really anti-same sex relationships, they wouldn't be watching Sailormoon, and would definitely not be going anywhere near those pro-homosexuality groups.

Admit it, if you have joined one of these groups, what you're really trying to say is, "Ooh, look at me, I'm soooo cool because I think Michiru and Haruka are a good couple!" C'mon, it's eating you up inside. ^_- You are NOT cool for being okay with lesbians. Don't take that as meaning that it's wrong to embrace their relationship, but you're not special because you do. Some of these groups can have up to 1000 members, many of whom rebel against anything remotely anti-homosexual ESPECIALLY anti-Michiru and Haruka and you're naive enough to think you're different because you sign your name to a form?

I know there are some of you out there who are thinking, "who the hell are you to judge us for what we do and don't do?" I'm not judging you. And I'll admit it, I belong to ISHAM. But I joined before I knew the "fact." What is the "fact?" Here you go, I'm droppin' the bomb: homosexuality is not as big a deal in the East as it is in the West.

There. I said it. The thing is, Naoko Takeuchi really doesn't think lesbianism is a big deal. Most Easterners don't. At least, not nearly as much as Westerners do. And forget all this SOS bullstuff about "Prince Uranus" and a "sisterly relationship" because it's all bogus. All of it. It just the homophobia speaking. ^_- The following is quoted from the Black Moon website:

"The question "Are Uranus and Neptune really lovers, and if so why did you make them gay?" came from a young female fan who seemed genuinely upset and wanted a clear answer. The translator for the event left Naoko-san in a lurch, not fully comprehending the homophobia in the West that makes such a pairing unacceptable to some (for those in the don't know, Uranus and Neptune are two female characters who enjoy a close relationship). Naoko-san's answer was that, yes, they were a couple... but her answer indicated that she didn't at all understand the question from a Western perspective."

See? They are supposed to be gay! You don't need to support it because it's true! Why support something that's true if it's already been supported by the original statement? If you're bothering to support a true fact, why aren't there any anti-Michiru/Haruka clubs? Erk...maybe there are, but I have yet to see them. The Bible states homosexuality as a sin- why aren't there any clubs for that? I'm not suggesting that you make one, I'm merely trying to prove my point: what's the point of all these clubs? In truth, you are not supporting anything except for Ms. Takeuchi's original idea. And that's what the Sailormoon community is for. As well as the anime, the manga, the artbooks, the CDs, etc etc etc ad nauseum. So why aren't there any clubs to support my idea of an anti-homework policy?

What I'm really trying to say is....I don't care if you think Michiru and Haruka's relationship is "cool." Or if it's "uncool." All I'm asking you to do is please, please don't tell me about it. You only need one club. That's it. If someone really wanted to support it, they'd take the time to find it.

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