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  Guest Article: August 26, 1999

The Acorn Falls

By: Mizuno-chan

We all know the story of Chicken Little. An acorn fell on Chicken Little's head, but the stupid fowl thought that a piece of the sky had just hit his noggin. In response he ran around the farmyard, gathering his friends Cocky-Locky, Goosey-Loosey, Ducky-Lucky, "insert name of bird with a "y" on the end", with the news that the sky was falling and they simply must go and tell the king of the impending disaster. Well Foxy-Loxy heard of this, and promised to take the birds to the king via a "secret passageway" Of course the passageway was Foxy-Loxy's den. Once Foxy had all of the birds in his den, he ate them. The end.

Now it's time to get to the point. Let's say that Chicken Little and his friends are the Sailormoon community, the acorn is one of the great BSSM sites like The Sailormoon Zone, and Foxy-Loxy is the obscurity, which sometimes swallows, neglected anime series. Now when the "acorn" of realization that the great BSSM sites were not updating as much anymore fell onto the Sailormoonity-community's head, the Sailormoonity-community started freaking out. "The great sites are falling!" it cried, and ran around panicking. Enter Foxy-Loxy, who promises that Sailormoon on the net will be just fine as long as we don't ask any questions and follow him. The Sailormoonity-community blindly follows Foxy-Loxy into the dark den of anime obscurity, and poof! Sailormoon on the net is no more.

Now, I would say that the Sailormoon community is not in the clutches of Foxy-Loxy yet, but it will be as long as we keep asking the question "Now that people like Apatt are gone, what's going to happen?" Indeed nothing is going to happen. The great anime fairy will not wave her magic wand and magically give us a bumper crop of new BSSM sites that equal the quality of the old. The correct question to ask is:

"Now that people like the Kraiders are leaving, what are we going to do about it?"

Now we can say that Sailormoon is "dying" and just sit back and remember the glorious past with tears in our eyes, or we can do something. So often people scream for innovation, invention, something new. Well if this isn't a chance to show the Sailormoon community something they haven't seen before then paint me red and call me Mildred! Instead of weeping over what once was, go out and make the something wonderful! Things only "die" when people lose interest in them, and Sailormoon has obviously not been cast off to the abyss of anime yet. There are hardcore fans and plenty of new fans out there, and I'm willing to bet they have a lot of great new ideas. If we can just code those ideas into HTML…

That's right boys and girls, now that the great Sailormoon pages are passing, it's up to us to make the future.

We can hem and haw about how it will be hard because (insert reason for difficulty in making new site here, i.e.: "There hasn't been any new BSSM material in two years", "It's probably already been done", "I'll get flamed", ad naseum) Innovation is never easy. It takes a lot of thinking, work, and patience. Some moron out there will flame you. All of the annoying things that happened to Apatt and Rowena are probably going to happen to you in some way, shape, or form. It will not be a peachy-keen trip down happiness lane. There will be problems, but if we're going to make the new great Sailormoon sites we're going to have to grit our teeth and bear it.

It is only after something is done then something will happen. The Sailormoon community must take a deep breath, bandage the bump on its head and continue. Otherwise, we're going to find ourselves in the dark den of discarded anime, waiting for a savior who isn't coming. Sailormoon helps those who help themselves.

Start working.

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