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  Guest Article: August 14th, 2001

We Want Sailor Stars!

By: Alexa Corriea

This is just a short composition on North America being deprived of the Sailor Stars Series, dubbed.

Once upon a time, I was introduced to Sailor Moon by one of my close friends. I was first accustomed to the TV show, and then to the manga, which I borrowed from various Sailor Moon-loving friends I never even knew I had. Before long, I was really getting into Sailor Moon. I downloaded anything I could get. But at that time, I only knew of villains as far as the Negaverse, the Doom Tree, and the Black Moon.

In the spring of 2000 I read the SuperS comics, and I got chills just thinking about this wonderful piece of work being aired on TV as a series. When I tuned into the newly-dubbed Sailor Moon S episodes in the summer of that year, I was thrilled. I didn't know there was so much that the world of Sailor Moon had to offer. I started doing searches online for the Sailor Scouts, downloading pictures, movies, midis, and mp3s until my hard drive couldn't hold any more.

And then, one day, in a chatroom, I heard it: "So what are they gonna name Chibi Chibi in the new Stars dub?" Stars? Chibi Chibi? What was all this? I searched the net and found out that these characters were part of the Sailor Stars Series. I was psyched.

For over a year, I, as well as millions of other Sailor Moon fans, waited for Cartoon Network to air Sailor Stars. Rumors of dates popped up and spread via the internet. But as the dates came and passed with no Sailor Starlights or Eternal Sailor Moon gracing our television screen, some began to give up hope. Others made petitions and sent them to Cartoon Network, while other actually protested and wrote threatening letters to Cartoon Network themselves.

But alas, all was in vain.

And my question is: "WHY THE HELL WON'T CARTOON NETWORK SHOW SAILOR STARS?" Sure, there is some nudity and violence, BUT LOOK AT DRAGON BALL Z! That anime is just CRAWLING with violence! And Tenchi Muyo! Talk about "sexual situations!" Sheesh! And what's with Big O and Outlaw Star? Hardly anybody watches those! What's your deal, Cartoon Network? You lost thousands of viewers alone just by kicking Sailor Moon of your line up. Damn bastards! Get a clue! WE WANT SAILOR STARS? And when you ask us why, we will simply ask right back, "Why NOT?"

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