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  Guest Article: March 4th, 1999

Hold the Mail

By: Koibiko / Alex

Alright.. 'excuse me.^^; Everyone I'm mailing here has given me a list of e-mails, for some type of Petition to get Sailor Moon back to the Cartoon Network, to (hopefully) continue the English episodes (through SailormoonS). Do you know why Cartoon Network isn't buying Sailor Moon? It's not their fault. It's DiC's. But do you know why they're not making new episodes? They can't! Nobody will finance them! For example, Nickelodeon can have an idea of a cartoon series, and animate the entire series before it's even viewed for the first time on air. Why? They have the money. Unfortunately, DiC isn't a big company, so they can't do it. First of all, Bandai got a hold of Sailor Moon. (they made the first 65 English episodes). After Bandai failed to continue Sailormoon financially, Irwin got a hold of it, with the same results. They're the ones who financed "The Lost Episodes". But now, they don't have enough money to support it. Cartoon Network is a great station, and they're not at fault for not continuing Sailor Moon. After all, they do play cartoons constantly for every minute and every minute until the end of time. :-=

But, let's say someone ACTUALLY bought it. Do you know what they'd have to do? They'd have to literally hack the series into shreds! Why?

1.) The Holy Grail Plot & its religious references. 2.) Haruka and Michiru's relationship 3.) Hotaru 4.) The inner hatred of the Death Busters 5.) Mistress 9
Let's explain these, shall we?

1.) Since we are mostly a Christian country, many viewers will find this offensive, since they believe the Holy Grail shouldn't be used as an object of power. Remember, many Japanese people practice the Shinto religion, and the Holy Grail doesn't mean much to them as it does to us. Therefore, it'll be hacked out. Also, they're many religious references. For example, in episode 110, Eudial says to Uranus, "You'll be punished by God if you come to save Sailor Neptune (note: or something like that I have the episode unsubbed). I'll take her talisman." There's also the "Messiah" and "Dark Messiah" (Saturn). Where have we heard this?

2.) As you can quite see, Haruka and Michiru are both lesbians, but why do we automatically think that they're sexually expicit? This is the problem of the United States cencorship. I personally think their relationship is beautiful, but, to be frank, they're gay, so the soft-hearted-people-who-don't-have-anything-better-to-do aren't gonna show them on the series, for shame.

3.) Despite her innocent look, Hotaru becomes very evil when she is possessed by the entity Mistress 9. Afterwards, her evilness shows where the United States won't accept it, since they're portraying Sailor Moon as more of a fantasy-sweet-girl-power-type show.

4.) Did you know that most of the Death Busters weren't killed by the Sailors? 3 of them (Mimete, Eudial, and Viluy to be specific) were killed by their teammates. Why list this? Because these are horrific acts that the U.S. would never show in a "Girl's cartoon." ie: Eudial's brakes were rigged by Mimete, causing her to crash down off a tall highway into an ocean.

Viluy rigged an Mimete's invention to make her stronger. Instead of making her more powerful, the sent powerful waves of energy to her, thus killing her.

Would the U.S. show this? Never.

5.) See 3 :P But I'll add that her death would be disturbing to young viewers who'd watch this.

MY reasons why I don't want new episodes:

The Outer Soldiers will NEVER be Outer/Sailor Scouts! I hate the words "Sailor Scout". I'm sick, tired, and fed up with people calling such fierce and honorable soldiers such as Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, and Pluto "Sailor/Outer Scouts"!! O.o It's and degrading! Soldier (Senshi) means a fighter and a warrior... a defender of love and justice! You know what a scout does? A scout sells cookies and earns Merit Badges. VesVes couldn't have said it better.^-^

Not seeing Haruka and Michiru together ;_; I heard they might make 'em sisters... HOW TERRIBLE! FOR SHAME!

They're likely to heavily edit episodes, and, if this, cut most of them out. That wouldn't make much of a series, ne? Did you know that English Sailormoon #81 is actually Japanese episode #89? See how many episodes they never aired?

They would make the S episodes WAAAAAYY too cute when it's almost the exact opposite (That's why the S season got the best viewer ratings, and why SuperS ratings dropped heavily, due to the more childish style). In the English episode "A Crystal Clear Destiny", the elevator-flame scene music is somewhat decent. But have you heard the original song? Freaky! So freaky that it's SUPER COOL!^^ While on the topic of music, all of the DiC songs SUCK! O.o And their full-length songs don't help either. "My Only Love"? *Pfft!* "Maboroshi no ginzuishou" is TONS and TONS more sad and romantic.^^ And, "It's a New Day"? *double pfft!* "You are just my love!" is MUCH more romantic, and when I saw the episode, and that played, I nearly cried!^^ In fact, I think I did.^^;

Speaking of all this... What's the big hype with all these new episodes? They're going to be chopped up, much like the Lost Episodes. By the time it comes out, you could've already ordered the fansubs. You'll miss out on great storylines, animation, and characters. So, do as you wish, but this is one e-mail where I DON'T support new episodes..

As you can see, this is another crime of a poor defenseless anime being chopped of it's great name.. Attacker=DiC Victim=Sailormoon series Weapon=Bad editors Outcome=A literal insult to the original series.

Have a good day^^! Please send me your thoughts on this! ^^

P.S.- if you know any friends that didn't get this mail and they would like it, please tell me^^

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