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  Guest Article: September 5th, 1998

More Junk Than You Can Shake a Stick At

By: Ako Uranus

Does anyone remember a time when guestbooks were ways of complimenting people and/or telling them what they could do to improve their page? Probably not. That time has long since past and now guestbooks have no real substance in the entries. They've become more like link pages and flame collections and you know what? It's downright annoying. Guestbook hopping, as many have dubbed it, is a real pain in the HTML neck for website owners. I should know, as I've had *plenty* personal experience. This new trend is especially bad in the Sailormoon Web Community. Now, truth be known, I'm guilty of doing this (then again, so is 85% of the SM Web and don't even try to deny it), but I have since seen the error in my ways. So, before I ramble on anymore, let's take a look at the different methods of guestbook hopping, shall we?

"I really liked your page! It had good info and pictures! Come to my page! [Huge 300x500 banner here]" is probably what you'll see at virtually every site you go to. Oh sure, it varies in the wording, but the same message is sent. And most of the time this is what the one person signs in every guestbook they encounter. What makes this terriblly funny is that they'll put this on a site that doesn't have anything but "My favorite is Mercury" and not think twice. If they think it will give them hits, then they'll do it. And the sad part is that they'll probably get what they're hoping for.

In the same way, just a banner and "Visit my site" are just as, if not more, frustrating. Not only is it a pathetic attempt to publicize one's site, it makes the signer look really bad as well. But would you really care how much of an idiot you looked like if your counter was skyrocketing? Survey!

Finally, we come to my personal favorite: guestbook flaming a.k.a the most annoying and the biggest entry waste of all. "Your site is the most awful I've ever been to and you need to print it out and burn it before I do it for you, you ugly reject!!! And don't forget to visit my homepage!" Yes, as scary as it may seem, that does happen on a regular basis. And then there's a guestbook war, where the owner yells at the offender, so they go get a ton of people to flame the guestbook, and the owner retaliates, and it goes on, and on, and on...

Now I'm sure you're wondering why the guestbook owners don't just delete the entries. It's quite simple; these things make up 3/4 of their book, and it would look bad for their reputation if they only had 4 entries rather than 16. It would also look like they rigged their counter because the number of entries wouldn't match the number of hits.

So until the Sailormoon comunnity cleans up its act, Guestworld, Dreambook, and every other provider should probably use the concept of having a link exchange and and guestbook all in one as a new advertising campaign.

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