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  Guest Article: Decmeber 9th, 1998

Get Out

By: Julia

You know, with all these Sailormoon web pages making up their own little editorials, it's gives me a whole new view of people I'm glad I'm not. What is wrong with some of these SM online people? Talking about "getting a break in the online SM community" and "how hard and tedious it is to maintain a SM page" and "feeling bad about all the online SM pressure". Am I the only person that thinks that some people are taking this way too seriously? For the love of- IT'S THE INTERNET! Your webpage is not a reflection of your soul! It's something you make for fun. WHY in the world would you make a page if you don't like taking care of it?

What is it with all these "gods" of web pages? What are all these "rules" you have to follow in order to make a Sailormoon page now days? You can't have a vital chart because everyone has that, you can't dislike a senshi and HEAVEN FORBID you would say ANYTHING bad about someone with a popular webpage! Oh! That sends you straight to hell!

The internet should be a VERY small part of your life. You shouldn't think that having a well liked web page makes you a cool person.You do not have a wonderful life just because people like your webpage. You can be loved by the online "SM community" (I'm sorry, but the idea that all SM pages belong to a community is monkey crap!) and still be a LOSER in real life. Am I saying that all people with good Sailor pages are losers? No, but face it, don't you think some of them are? Does this mean you shouldn't care about what you say on your webpage and be a big old meanie to everyone? No! Use your own judgement, no one listens to me anyway.

GET OFF THE COMPUTER! Stop worrying about your online life! Make some REAL LIFE friends. Stop caring so much about you social class on the internet. Like I said, if you care about your social class on the internet, I've got a pretty good guess about how people see you in real life. So go outside, play some baseball. Or if you don't like baseball, play football or soccer, go see a hockey game. Finish the conversation with your online boyfriend, who for all you know could be a nine year old transsexual vampire, and see a movie with someone who's not a screen name. Go to a concert, get tickets for a WWF event, do something that doesn't involve a computer! Instead of uploading images that you don't want people to take, call your best friend from 3rd grade. See how they're doing. Hug a dog, listen to music, buy your parents lunch, go to China Town, anything! Have some REAL fun.

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