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Which is better, Cloverway's or Dic's treatment of the Dub?

Your responses:
(Please note, some of the longer replies were edited for length.)

Neither of them are better in my opinion. They both dumb down the dialogue. They both cut racy scenes. Dic would just eliminate the episode I believe, Cloverway would just cut the scene out; like when Sailor Uranus transform her self back when she walking back to her car, you saw her a sailor senshi then she's in her regular clothes. Now that was a cool scene, but because they couldn't show a white image of barely noticeable buttocks they cut it out. WE ALL KNOW THE VA'S JUST DON'T CUT IT!!! I appericate that the companies mentioned ventured out and brought SM to the states but as far as I'm concern that just the only good thing they did.
- Sbkjay

Well they both kind of suck. They kept one Japanese name which I find very dumb. If they have one Japanese and 8 English, then why not keep them all English or all Japanese. Dic took out stuff for the stupidest reasons. Cloverway left in some stuff Dic would have took out, but the Voice Actresses suck! They both need to get a grip on themselves and get the act together! I'm going to have to say I like Cloverway better, they put in the original Japanese music. BUT they DID leave in stuff that Dic wouldn't have given us if there life depended on it.
- Mina

DiC was better. Overall, I thought that DiC was a better show than with Toei. Here are some of the reasons.
1. The original BGM-used in the Toei episodes. The original BGM got on my nerves back then, and it gets on my nerves now.
2. The new voice actresses- The new Serena is bad. The other new voice actresses are okay, but they don't have the same character the old ones have. I just hope that the voice actresses do return.
3. The rather odd names- Some names are okay. Michelle for Michiru is a great name, but some names don't make any sense. Amara for Haruka? Trista for Setsuna? What was Toei thinking?
One more note: Allow me to point out that the reason why DiC cut episodes wasn't because of censorship, but it was because of conventional syndicated television standards.
- w.douglas

I am Canadian, and I have not seen the new episodes yet. I've heard about what's going on from our American neighbors, I check Jackie's site occasionally to see if they've messed up my beloved Mimete. After all, my parody Sailor Moon: International Scout Of Mystery fortold lots of mess-ups...but not by CWI. By Dic.
So we have a little debate: Dic v.s. CWI. Can we really say which version is better? After all, it's still technically the same show. Some of the voice actors are the same (though I think I'm going to MISS Terri Hawkes) and they kept Serena, Mina, etc. Technically, Dic and CWI did the same things.
1. Inconsistancies. Lots of them.
2. Censoring of weird things. I don't really care that they rubbed out the body lines when the girls are transforming. Do you people REALLY want to see Makoto's bellybutton? Pluto's butt? (Well, the guys would, but anyway..) I think it was sort of weird they cut out the cat puzzle daimon's tail being shut in the door. That wasn't violent, having your finger or something shut in the door happens. It didn't hurt the daimon, at any rate.
3. Censoring of homosexuality. I'll say that back in '95 I was only 9 years old. I wasn't even mature enough to take Serena and Darien's relationship, let alone a homosexual one. (Zoicite and Kunzite) Making Haruka and Michiru cousins creates the ecchi "Kissing Cousins" joke, but it kinda explains it....well....no, it doesn't. My friends shut off their televisions because they found the two constantly referring to each other as cousins sickening. What's sad is that we're going to get more dubbies who are going to flame us saying "YOU STUPID [BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP] AMARA AND MICHELLE ARE NOT LESBIANS OKAY THERE (purposely made gramattical error :P) COUSINS! GO TO HELL AND [BEEP BEEP BEEP] YOUR MOTHER!" Scary.
Speaking of Amara and Michelle, 4) I was surprised at the name changing. Usagi to Serena makes sense. (derived from Serenity.) Mamoru to Darien made sense. (In the Endymion poem, the mountain Endymion climbs was called Darien.) Ami to Amy...well, that was pretty close. Rei to Raye was close too. But nothing annoys me more than people talking about the Dic dub and for some reason Ami and Rei are in it. Makoto to Lita. Leda is one of Jupiter's moons. I prefer Lita to Maggie any day. Minako to Mina. No real changes there. Amara was a WEIRD change. I'll probably get used to it, but for the longest time, my favourite senshi has always been Haruka Tenoh, not Amara Tay-no. I'm not sure if it was better than Corrine or not. Corrine sounds a little bit masculine. Michiru to Michelle Kay-oh ^^;; was not surprising, was it? Nerissa was a bit weird, but I recall a t.v. series about a girl called Neri who was a mermaid or something. Setsuna to Trista May-oh was okay. In Spanish trista means sad. Hotaru Tomoe became....Hotaru Tomoh. Mispronounced, obviously, but still the same name.
I'll say that neither of the dubs are better, but rather the same. I still like the Dic dub, cheesy as it is, and when CWI comes to Canada, I'll welcome it with open arms.
- Myrna-chan

Personally, I think that the new dub is much better than DiC's previous version. It still has several mistakes, but at least they kept the music. It also appears that Michiru and Haruka are still ... lesbians, even though it's clearly stated that they are "cousins." I find this very amusing, two cousins with a homosexual relationship. The new voices are terrible, especially Serena's. Her voice actress is trying too hard to sound like the previous one, and the results are terrible, in my opinion. Rini's voice is adorable, though. This doesn't ruin anything for me, I'm just pleased that they bothered to dub the SMS season at all. Best of all ... no Sailor Says!
- Jenna L.

I personally don't like either of the dubs, but both of them have their good and bad points. Cloverway made Michiru and Haruka cousins.
I don't like how half of the time they make it "Uranus World Shaking" and the other half "World Shaking" Atleast Dic stuck with one of them. I know that the b/g music is the original one, but I find it annoying. I perfer the Dic one. Dic also made some dumb mistakes in the dubbing of the series in which I really don't want to get into. I think that the whole dubbing of Sailormoon is screwed and really messed up.
- mimi

For some reason, I believe that both were fairly adequate. DiC simply started off better than some series, however, Cwi decided to leave where DiC dropped off. DiC didn't start on episode # whatever for the first episode. *coughcardcaptorscough* Another good thing about DiC was that they actually took it upon themselves to create new songs for their series. Sure, the "Sailor Moon Theme" was horrible, but some of the other songs were actually pretty good (Carry On, The Power of Love, Rainy Day Man). Sure, the background music was simply horrendous, but they at least had the creativity to make a new soundtrack for it. Cwi simply took up the job of DiC, and is frankly, doing worse. They may not be cutting episodes, but some of the episodes were never meant to be dubbed if Uranus and Neptune were "cousins." Plus, some of the scenes they didn't cut out, looked too friendly just to be "cousins." They still use "scouts" and things, but that's only because they were taking over DiC's already bad job. If they had remained consistent, it might have been better. I'm not going to rant about the VAs. Cwi is most likely NOT going to rewrite songs or even make new songs. (I've heard from a friend that they rewrote Ai no Senshi, however, I have yet to confirm this) In short, I believe that Cwi is doing a worse job than DiC, going against the flow of people who believe otherwise. - Han

It's just AS bad, if not worse, because despite their leaving in the original music and such...
....it's still a sucky dub. Cousins and pure hearts and "Tomos", oh my!
--SporkPrincess Selphie

I like the new dub better. Here's why: They're keeping the original music. They're keeping the new attacks' names similar. They're keeping a lot of the side characters' names. So far I think all of the Daimons have the same name. So far they have not cut out any episodes or spliced two or three together. They're not keeping Negaverse, instead it's The Bureau of Bad Behavior. I think the new name is worse, but at least they're not saying all the villains are from the same place as usual. 'Cousins' doesn't really bother me because I knew that would be changed. At least they're not sisters. All the other changes are minor.
The only parts I don't like are the timeline inconsistencies. In the new dub they're saying the enemy started its attack back in the Silver Millennium. So the Silence has been approaching for over 1,000 years? Pluto also said that they (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) are from the future. A future where the Silence has already destroyed the world. Then in another episode Pluto referred to the future as the Silver Millennium. So now the past is the Silver Millennium and the future is the Silver Millenium? Strange...
They changed Meshia to The Ambassador of Good. (Ack!) But, then in the next episode they changed it to The Legendary Princess. Kind of weird but much better than Ambassador of Good.
All in all they're doing about the same, but I think Cloverway is just a little bit better because they're making less changes than DiC.
- Kat

Well, what I think is that Cloverway did faaar much better. They kept the Original music and it was more closer to the Original the DiC was. DiC took Sailor Moon and made into some teeny bopper, valley girl slang, cartoon show. While Cloverway doesn't have them say things like "wicked kewl" or "da bomb". (Even though there was one scene in a recent S dubbed episode were Rini comes up to the girls and says :" Hey, girlfriends!") I feel like I was watching a real dub instead of DiC's adaptation.
- Sailor Saturngirl

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