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All the names on the following emails are either nicknames people have used or first names we used only to protect privacy as best we can.

Nice Comments:

I absolutely LOVE your page, I'm taking all of your tips on making a SM webpage better into heart and mind when renovating my SailorMoon page this holiday, because at this moment I'd be afraid you'd make me one of your worst pages found ^_^; Thanks a lot for being frank and helpful, maybe some of the weirdo page creators will see the light in it like I did ^_-

Yep, lets hope they do... ^_^

Hi Amazoness Quartet! I'm not really a Sailor Moon fan, but I actually find your page unique and interesting. Why don't you put up a Sailor Moon page yourself? It seems like you can do a better job than those others on the web. Your page layout and background is really good, keep up the good work!

Two of the Amazonesses do have their own SM webpages; we also have our own small little character info page here: The Dead Moon Circus.

I love your page! It's a great idea you chose to show us the BAD pages. The one you're showing for December really does suck... to check it out, there were many pics, no info basically, and then, the pics didn't even show up (they had that little torn icon pic). Well, just wanted to say great page.
- Mary

Little additional note about December's Worst Page, we have learned that it also does not work at all for Linux users.

Konbanwa minna-san,
Thanks for selecting my page!
Arigato Gozaimasu,
Kotono Kuno

You're welcome, like we said it's been a while since we found any good pages. Thank goodess we found yours, we were about to give up hope of actually finding one.

Recently, I nominated Pluto Planet Power! for an award for Best. It got Honorable mention (Maybe you ARE too picky^_^), and I e-mailed the creator, Mara K. the day it came up. She was ecstatic, she thought you guys would NEVER give her an award. In fact, this is copied and pasted from her response to me.
[Oh my lord!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I never, never, NEVER in a million years thought I'd get noticed by the Amazoness Quartet!! Hehehehe!!! You're great! :)]
You should see her award page where the Honorable Mention now is listed. You guys really know how to make somebody's day! You are great!

Thanks, she deserved it. :)

Amazoness Quartet,
I would just like to say that I enjoy your page. When I first saw it, I didn't like it very much, because I thought you were too harsh (and I was afraid my page would end up on your worst sites page ^_^). I went back again, and checked out your page about making a good website, and have used many of your suggestions, and fixed mistakes, like calling the Outer Senshi "Scouts." The last time I went to your page, I really began liking it, and plan on visiting it more often. I do think you are fair about how you judge each page, and it's nice to know what pages to avoid.
Anyway, I think you have a terrific site, and I hope that people will look at your page that tells how to make a good homepage, before they try to make their own.
Sailor Sun

A lot of people don't like us at first, but change their minds later. Guess we grow on people. ^_^

Hey, first, I want to tell you guys your page really rocks! Your reviews on the good pages are useful, but too bad I don't often get to take a look at the bad pages before they are down ( your reviews on those pages are funny =) ).

Yeah, even we are having that problem now- we pick a page and before we can all review it, it's gone!

Lovely Little Flames:

Mistress Nine... Mistress Nine...oh my...

To whom it may concern,
I read your article in your ranting and ravings section. We did not plagiarize your page. That's the first thing I'd like to say. Secondly, yes, our "logo" is very similar to yours. I apologize for that. Yes, go ahead and call us hypocrites. And you're right - I want you to do a review on our parody page.
It is true that I have stated in the past that I dislike the methods you use in reviewing pages. And we did review the same pages you did, but we did not base that on your comments; we visited those pages a long time ago and documented those flaws (we did that because we challenged each other who could come up with the most "bad" pages). But our comments are largely exaggerated to show the public how we perceive your comments. As we said, it was a parody. Parodies include exaggeration to some extent.
The point is, the logo may have been copied (once again, we apologize), but the comments were not. And I personally apologize for those nasty flames I've sent you before. They were immature, and that won't happen again. I have a really bad temper, and that's why - well, you know.
As for our page, the next update will not include any reviews of pages that you have reviewed. Doing that causes major confusion. And my other page, I have clearly stated the reasons why I chose the "dubbed" names for the Outer Senshi.
Thank you for your time. Happy Holidays.
Mistress Nine, Kaolinite, and the Witches Five.

The logo MAY have been copied?? Try it was copied, ripped apart, then rebuilt to use on your page! I made that logo, I know my own work. Nice try with the sweet talk to get a review from us, but it's not going to work.

From "Karl's Unnecessarily Long Sailor Moon Link List"

The Worst Sailor Moon Web Pages Ever
This page should be listed under the Anti-SailorMoon section. It does nothing but humiliate and criticize other pages to make their own PERSONAL pages look better (look under the list of winners of good pages). The 4 mischievous Amazoness Quartet should be ignored and banned. Do not support them. Who knows, your page might be next. -Mistress9

This link review was marked as being updated by Mistress9 on Dec 30th. We try to make our own pages look better? Anyone who looks at our lists of winners know we couldn't have made all those pages, so think again. Finally I would like everyone to stand and give a cheer for "Mistress9," the first person to abuse the new automated system on Karl's page to meet his/her own goals! yay...

The stupid flame of the year award goes to...

This Site has made the Alta-Vista Bottom 1% list ...
Your Pages and links will be Erased 12/24/97 ^_^

Like your supposed to even believe that? Guess what bud... We're stillll hereeeeeee! MWHAHAHA! We're also still on Alta Vista. [And take a look at our counter. True, Tripod's counters are bad, but judging from the vast email we received and the pages we've been linked to... ;) ]

  • Jan. 15th, 1998
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