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Tale of Two Romances

By: VesVes and CereCere

This month we have a special rant about a page which really, really deserves a Worst of the Month Award! Not since NeptuneSS has a page peeved us off this much!

Why didn't we wait till the end of the month to review this properly? Well the reason is simple. We have had several requests from people to do something about this right away. This page clearly stole, including the header and parts of the HTML, from the real A Sailor Moon Romance. Upon some research the maker of this page turned out to be the maker of the "Worst" winner in February of 98 for "Sailor World" (see review here). We are so tired of people stealing stuff! Yes there is some debate over whether you can steal graphics or not, but the header, plus the text, HTML and even the name of a page?? I think there's no debate here, this should NEVER be done. This one simply couldn't wait till the end of the month, so here we go...

The so called "A Sailor Moon Romance"

Now Down

Here's Why:

  • Copies both pics, including headers, plus part of the HTML from the Real A Sailor Moon Romance
  • Stole from several other sites! With direct links to boot!

Positives About Their Page:

  • The page looks nice, too bad it's stolen!
  • Hey we said it before, the cookie recipes!

It takes someone with a mass amount of gall to steal the banner of such a popular site as A Sailor Moon Romance and then call themselves that. Forget simple image stealing, they have stolen the reputation of A Sailor Moon Romance! That wasn't the end of their thievery. They also stole the poem that is on the index page of the real A Sailor Moon Romance and put it up on their page. No credit what-so-ever given to Andrea Hui, the author, or A Sailor Moon Romance.

Here's a list of sites pictures were stolen from on the image page: Reservation Center, Serena's Home Page, Lauren's Anime World, Save Our Sailors, and more that wouldn't connect. (Blame AOL). The games page was a link to Arcade pink. She says that she made the animated .gifs herself, which could be true, but I have seen the same scene she used for Mercury as an animated .gif before.

Quote from the bottom of the page: "Also, flames are NOT appreciated, and WILL be ignored and deleted!! Please keep that in mind. Princess Serenity." It's obvious she has already received a lot of flames, or was expecting to get them the second she uploaded this page. Perhaps I'm being a bit harsh, but I've been hard pressed to see a page so worthy of flaming. I went through page for page and found stolen material around every turn with no credit given.

I find this aggravating, frustrating, and rude. I will admit to being angered when this site was brought to our attention because they had the gall to take up the name of one of the finest Sailor Moon fan fiction archives on the net. After going through this site, my anger only increased at her blatant disregard for those who have put so much work into their own pages. This site isn't Princess Serenity's, it is a mix of many other sites, good and bad!

  • May 3rd, 1998
  • As usual any comment made on this page is that of "The Amazoness Quartet" or one of its members. Tripod has nothing to do with our opinions, etc, lalala...

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