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SM Business 101 (You want a domain?)

By: CereCere

Just like many of you, we have recently been considering purchasing a domain. After a lot of discussion we decided against it. "Why?" you may ask. "A domain may mean more hits, a new host would mean no more Tripod pop-ups, and you could have a lot more web space!" Could be some of the things people would say in reaction. Well I could tell you something to counter all of those things, but I could simply sum it up by saying: "You do not always need a domain."

Donít get me wrong, I usually have nothing against domains or anyone who decides to purchase a domain. Good thing too, considering how many people are buying up SM related domains lately. They are getting cheaper and no longer do you have to put up with something like "www.geodude.com/Timbuktu/Monolith/1234567890/" as a web address. Instead you can get something nice and short and easy to remember. However, before you are the next person to run out and scoop up another domain you still need to ask:

"Do I really need a domain?"

Commercial sites and Organizations have been buying domain names for years. Why do they buy them? Because a domain is much more professional looking. It also makes the site easy to find without using a search engine, if the domain includes a product name or company name. They also use them for other reasons. For example, in TV or Radio ads when the web address only has a second or two in the ad, businesses and organizations want something people will quickly remember. In short, any business that wants to make a web site worth while needs a domain.

But what about fan sites?
Some are good about getting domains. They buy them just to have an easy to remember name and setup a very nice site. They eventually sell things, but only to help pay for the domain name. These sites are okay by me, after all, while domains and hosting are getting cheaper, they are still not very cheap.

If you want a domain for more hits, A domain isnít going to automatically give you hundredís of hits a day. They are not magic things that bring people in automatically. Unlike business sites, you do not have a well known business or product, So people are not going to automatically look for you. You have to build a name for yourself first by building a good site. Only then will people know of you and remember your domain name. This isnít a case of, "If you build it (with a domain), they will come". You need to think, "If you build it well, and have lots of things to do, they will come, and will keep coming back." Only that philosophy will get you hits. Not a domain.

More and more fans are getting domains just so they can make some money. First to make money you need hits. Thus you need to still make a good site like I mentioned above. Do not make a site with only links to SM products on amazon.com. That is not going to bring anyone to your site.

But what if you build an excellent site?
Even if those hits start rolling, chances are youíre not going to make very much money off a SM site. Most of those ad link systems donít pay very much. I doubt any of the SM domains even make enough money to pay off the domain registration and hosting. So you may want to dump any hopes of turning a tidy profit right now.

While we are talking about SM domains and sites trying to make money I should mention something that really burns my biscuits. Itís disgusting to see crap like: "click my banner or I will not keep this site up" or "not enough people clicked my banner last week, you better click it this time!"

Those are the stupidest things I have ever seen. Only professional sports teams get away with idiotic statements like that! You donít see store owners running out in the middle of the street shouting "buy here now or Iíll leave!" Itís not my problem you want to make some money or donít have enough pay for your domain. You should be ready to put together your own money to keep the domain running. After all, there are plenty of other SM sites on free web providers, I donít need your money grubbing.

So, have you changed your mind yet?
Oh your wondering what domain we would have used?
Well, if you are curious, we wanted to get www.sailormoon.aq as our domain. The trouble is, there arenít many good Internet hosts in Antarctica. Anyone know of a few penguins with a server?

  • October 5th, 1999
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