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By: CereCere

First I must make an apology of sortsÖ If you came here expecting the usual some-what controversial, informative article you might be left a bit disappointed. You see, we thought and thought about a topic for this issue, but we couldn't come up with a thing. Then it dawned on me! October marks our second anniversary! OK, I can already hear the groans as you suddenly realize what this article is about, but give me a second here. Very rarely we get a chance to publicly thank the people who helped make this site possible or a chance to even toot our own horns a little.

Thereís only a handful of SM pages that are two years old or older that are still updating on a regular basis, so I consider this a bit of a milestone. It feels like a even bigger milestone when I think about how small this site once was and how itís grown over the last year. We added new sections and updated almost twice as much as we did in our first year and it seems visitors have rewarded us with more hits than ever.

Well I could ramble on and try to take credit on behalf of the AQ for certain things that have happened over the last year within the SM community on-line, but Iím not like that. Besides, I donít think we should take credit for it. Sure this is corny, [Insert Corn Alarm Sound here] but itís our visitors that helped change things. So to everyone who has visited us regularly sometime in the past two years Iíd like to say thanks for your continued support. To anyone who even sat back for just a minute to think about what we are doing, or considered the tips and comments we made, I like to say thanks for at least giving us a chance.

Want me to get even more sappy? No? Too bad. Iíd like to thank JunJun, and ParaPara and VesVes #1 (where ever she is) for putting up with me and asking to join them to help create this site. I also like to thank all five VesVesí or is it four? Damn we have had so many I canít remember!!! Well anyway Iíd like to thank all of them for the hard work they have put into this site. Itís too bad we can't afford to get together sometime this month and party!!

For those of you still here, I just want to say we still have a few ideas up our sleeve for new stuff which I wonít get into here because I donít want to commit to anything just yet. They are only ideas right now. By the way if you ever want to send donations the address isÖ Hey where did you go? Hello? Great, they all left meÖ [sigh] [muttering]
Well I did warn them.

  • October 15th, 1998
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