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By: ParaPara

Okay, it's time for some ParaPara action! The subject of my rant this fine evening is 'Anti-Shrines or Hate Pages.' This is my opinion on them: They all suck. Now, don't get me wrong, I've been to some pages that I thought had valid points or pages that were just hilarious-- but the principal of an Anti-Shrine is stupid.

Let's take The Anti-Mercury Page (https://members.tripod.com/~MercurySux) by Janelle Jimenez and Jackie Chiang. Janelle swears to high heaven that it's meant more as a joke than an actual page dedicated to hating Mercury; if so, then why bother listing every reason why you think she sucks? The only SOMEWHAT redeeming part is the whole Senshi Vs. Senshi thing... but it's not redeeming enough. Then there's the billions of Anti-Moon pages, mostly pages made by disgruntled Canadians who're annoyed that SM is on all the time there. Those pages are worthless, pointless, and not to mention baseless.

What else do I hate more than the idea of Anti-Shrines? Anti-Shrines that don't have all the facts. I REALLY REALLY hate Anti-Mars shrines, and I don't even LIKE Mars! My favorite is Usagi, as most of you know, and as an Usagi fan, I feel insulting her best friend is idiotic. No, I'm not defending a cartoon character. I feel that if you think Rei and Usagi hate each other, you've either only watched the DIC version or you're missing a lot. Usagi LOVES Rei. Rei LOVES Usagi. They're best friends. All best friends bicker playfully. I'm going to save this rant for another page... As I was saying, I hate Anti-Shrines that make absolutely no sense whatsoever, "We hate the Outers because they're stronger." "We hate the Inners because they're weaker." "We hate Mars because she's a bitch." "We hate Mercury because she's weak." "We hate Chibimoon because she's cute." WHO CARES? I'm sure you all realize that Sailormoon wouldn't be Sailormoon without all the characters, even the useless ones like the Sailorstarlights (did I say that aloud?). Anti-Shrines are pointless wastes of space, even ones that have interesting things on them, like archives of all the pictures of a certain sailor dead. That's kinda cool, but couldn't that be on a picture archive? What GOOD is it doing for people?

Oh, before I'm done, let me make one thing clear. I am NOT, in ANYWAY defending people who flame people who don't like the same Senshi as they do. If you're one of them, YOU ARE LAME. Sailormoon is a cartoon. Yes, there are people on Earth just like them, but people aren't bashing those people...they're bashing characters. Everyone has the right to like and dislike who they want to, and people who start personal vandettas about me not liking Mars or me not liking Neptune or you not liking Mercury are stupid. I don't know what's worse, the people who make Anti-Shrines or the people who flame the creators of them.

  • March 15th, 1998
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