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The Generation Gap

By: CereCere

I hope I don't insult too many by writting this article and it won't add fire to some already growing flames, but I have had it with this issue. I just wanted to spill it and say how stupid all of this is and how much stupider it gets everyday. In this rant I will be talking about two groups of the "SM Community" who for some crazy reason now seem to have some problems to work out.

On one hand we have some of the "more famous" SM webpage creators starting to become bitter and upset over the demands and comments people have tagged on them. On the other hand we have "less famous" webpage creators and some "not-so-casual" bystanders complaining about popularity and their own lack of it.

I'm not taking sides in this issue for the simple reason I have no idea what the big problem is! This shouldn't even be something I need to write about!

Listen up, the net isn't a perfect world. There seems to be crazy this misconception that this should be a happy, perfect place where no arguements or envy exsists between people. If you choose not to get involved in things, well it might just be a perfect world for you, but if you want to express your opinions, expect at least one person to have different opinions and they usually damn well make sure you know it!

This issue simply all boils down to two things... One side getting upset and angry over the other's petty jealousy and envy. While the other side complains about the "elitists", egos and how hard it is to get a break in the "SM Community". I keep hearing things like, "the "SM Community" is now ruled by a 'second generation' of SM pages, which is oppressing a newer 'third generation' of SM pages." Interesting labels, but they are the least offensive ones I have heard lately, so guess I will use them through the rest of this article.

I can understand where the so-called 'second generation' is coming from. There have been days I just want to shut my computer off and never come back, because of flames or things I see on other pages that are totally based on misinterpretation and rumors. Then I realize how much I miss it, how much work I put into to this just to give up now for no real good reason. Maybe not having my own SM page, and a secret identity to boot (no I'm not going to say who I am ^_-) has generally protected me from these problems so I don't really get too ticked off. Who knows?

As for the 'third generation', to achieve that so-called higher level of Fame within the "SM Community" just keep working, trying, be tough and your work will eventually get noticed. Don't be petty and insult pages for not linking your page. They might have reasons why they don't link you. Maybe there is a problem with your site, something that could be improved. So ask nicely why they won't link your page, ask if there is something you can improve? Just don't walk away and mutter under your breath to others that so and so is an "elistist" or a traitor! Remember these people are your peers and in some cases are more experienced than you. You can learn from their experience.

Sure, there are some people out there who have let things really go to their heads and have developed a huge ego. Then there are others who look like things have gone to their heads, but sometimes you caught them in the wrong mood and they seem bi*chy or snobbish to you. I'll even admit that I am guilty of that from time to time, but everyone has their good days and bad days. If someone seems a bit snobbish to you, just maybe try them again some other time. Maybe they were bogged down with "real-life" work, other stress, or something like that. After all their webpage isn't their whole life! They have other things to do.

Keep in mind the "SM community" is always in constant flux, always evolving. Sure people talk a lot about Ben, Apatt, Andrea, Kraiders, Mara, and Grub now. But what about Doi, Janelle, Toto, Starfox, and Karl? I still remember three years ago when Doi was about the only page anyone ever talked about, but now you hardly hear about the guy. Up until we first reviewed them, I never heard of Apatt or the Kradiers! These people didn't magically appear overnight to take the "SM Community" by storm, they had to work at it. There are many "unknown people" out there just waiting to be discovered. Someday, if they work hard enough, they will be.

  • September 16th, 1998
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