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Myths and Rumors

By: CereCere

Yes, even I am going to walk into this whole long running English dub debate. So you have all been warned! The exit is to the right if you want to get out now!

If you haven't heard yet, yes it's true. According to the Optimum Productions website (http://www.optimumprod.com/projects.htm), the dubbing of the S and SuperS seasons are now entering production. Like most news about Sailor Moon, this announcement alone has already produced some interesting rumors and myths around the net. Here are a few I don't believe in, or why you shouldn't yet count on them being true.

  • #1: "Optimum owns the rights to the new episodes."
    This particular one is easy to disprove, and not many people believe it, but I had to throw it in because there is a small pool of newer, younger fans who believe Dic no longer owns the rights, and Optimum does. This rumour was started by a few fans who didn't know about Optimum's role in the dubs in the past, and have been following that whole news story about how Dic supposedly lost the rights to SM. Optimum does not own the rights to the new episodes. It's only the production company where the Voice Actors record the dialogue, and where they do the editing. They were the production company for the first two sets of episodes, and also did the three movies. Optimum continues to be the production company because they have the experience, plus they are located in Toronto, which is "home base" for most of the current English Voice Actors.

  • #2: "They are going to dub all 77 episodes from S and SuperS."
    This point is a little different; it's really more of a possibility than a just rumour. The Optimum site does say 77 episodes are to be produced, and it is possible this is true. However, I have also heard from a few very trustworthy sources this is only an estimate based on the original number for those two seasons. Production is only in the very early stages and it is still possible, as production continues, that some eps might be dropped.

    Remember, there isn't any confirmation yet from Cartoon Network saying they are buying the episodes. This makes the true number of episodes more difficult to pin down. The only way it could be confirmed in advance is if Cartoon Network or some other party said they have a contract for the episodes. If there is a contract for a certain number of episodes, then there will be at least that many episodes, if it's for two seasons, there still might be some cuts.

  • #3: "There will be less changes to the new episodes."
    At this point, this is a total myth. There is nothing to support this will actually happen. It would be nice if it does happen, but don't get your hopes up yet. Some believe that because these eps are most likely being made for Cartoon Network, a cable network, and not for general syndication, there will be less cuts. A few others also believe because other Toonami shows like Dragonball Z has had less cuts to their dub, SM will be the same way. Finally, this belief is based on the idea that if all 77 eps are going to be produced, there must be less cuts being made to the episodes.

    Well we already covered the last idea in point #2, there isn't a 100% guarantee that all 77 episodes will be done. As for the other two ideas, just because DBZ's later episodes have less cuts, doesn't mean SM will be the same. SM is a whole different show, owned by a whole different company, and made by a whole different production company. These differences add up to a completely different set of policies and situations. A SM dub will likely be produced for much more than just the Cartoon Network. The Cartoon Network might have helped make it happen, but there are other channels that might be carrying the new episodes. They will have to be considered during production. In addition, even though DBZ supposedly had less cuts as it went on, it's still been edited. Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, the new Toonami show, is also has an edited version. Then there is the upcoming Tenchi Universe, due on Toonami in June. Word is, it will have several edits and cuts. Only time will tell if there will really be less cuts in the new SM eps.

    What about an "un-edited dub" to be shown on the late-night Toonami like Gundam Wing and DBZ? Well nothing's carved in stone, but any rumors you hear about that are not likely to become true at this point. It's very doubtful any resources will be committed to an un-edited dub unless some kind of special contract has already been reached.

I guess the lesson here is, yes there are new eps coming, but nobody knows any real details on them yet. It's only early. The best way to find out whether or not these things will become true during production is to check out some trustworthy anime news sources, and I don't mean the SOS! Here is a listing of some news sources that contain accurate information about anime productions in progress:

  • UMJAMS Anime News
    I listed this one first because unlike the other sites, this one is only anime news, and has a ton of it. It collects anime news from various sources, putting it all together on one easy to follow page. I've found it does an especially good job of keeping track of what's going on with anime on various TV channels both in the USA and Canada.

  • Anime News Service
    As the name implies, this is an anime news service. It updates very frequently, and contains the most news I have ever run across on anime/manga. This one tends to have a wee bit more news than UMJAMS, however, I prefer UMJAMS simply because I find it easier to read.

  • Anime Nation
    Contains a large news section, with the news collected from various sources. Just be prepared for a lot of scrolling if you don't regularly check this one.

  • EX
    This is one of the most established anime e-zines, and it includes a small news section. It also has articles, interviews and even an interesting TV guide to what anime are playing on TV in Japan this season.

  • April 22nd, 2000
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