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Which is better, Cloverway's or Dic's treatment of the Dub?

Your responses:
(Please note, some of the longer replies were edited for length.)

I've been thinking about this same question a lot since the dub came out, and after having rewatched some ancient tapes I never got around to taping over which have my favorite DIC episodes on them, I finally decided I like DIC better, much as I hate to admit it.
I know people would probably throw stones at me for saying this, but the reason I like it better is because at times DIC gets the emotion in the episodes better. For one thing I'm much more likely to laugh during the DIC dub. Most of the episodes I rewatched at least got a chuckle once. On the otherhand, just the other week I tuned in to watch episode 109 since it's one of my favorites which has never failed in the original version to have me laughing most of the way through, so I figured Cloverway couldn't ruin all the humor. However I didn't laugh once throughout it.
DIC also got the emotion of some of the sad parts captured well too. Not all of them of course, but at some points. When Zoicite died I think her voice actress captured the emotion wonderfully (Malachite on the other hand... but I'm talking about good things here). When Nephlyte died, despite Molly's horrible accent, it still made me feel bad as well. And as for the season one episode finale, it's horrible. We all know that. And I avoid it like the plague. However, the first time I ever saw it, way back when before I ever got on the internet to look up Sailormoon and found out about the original Japanese version, watching the finale made me feel exited and scared and sad, and the fact it had enough impact on me that I remember those feelings, should say something for it. Cloverway's dub just hasn't touched me that way yet.
A few smaller things are that I like a lot of the lyrical music (NOT the opening), and I actually like the transformation music better in the DIC dub then it the original *dodges rotten tomatos*
Of course to be fair to Cloverway, it's nice to hear the original background music in most cases, I bounded around the house with joy when I realised Hotaru's name was kept, and Reenie's new voice actress is much better then the old one, but none of those things are enough to make me like it better.
- Dei-chan

Well, since I'm pretty much a purist, I don't care for either. Both are adaptations: DiC took the anime Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon and turned it into a show for preschoolers aimed at teenagers. One: DiC (Not Cloverway exactly...) can't seem to handle the simple concept of death. Don't let me even start with "Day of Destiny."
Cloverway, I'll admit is a tad better, but really: They seem to have the inconsistency thing going. Especially for Jupiter (One of my faves in the original!) and Neptune/Uranus. They cut out a few seconds of Hotaru's fit in episode 112, and nudity, homosexuality, - oh, yes. Homosexuality ESPECIALLY.
Plotlines were screwed up, and the voice acting is awful. Serena, Amy, Lita, Luna, Amara...ho boy, I could go on and on. Mina's and Artemis's don't bother me, and neither does Michelle's. Raye's is probably the best outta the bunch, but it pails in comparision to Tomizawa Michie. I think that DiC/Cloverway don't have translations, just simply look at the raw Japanese and take out anything offending/annoying/'bad tasted'/etc. and put it all together. For those reasons, I just don't like the NA dub.
- Venus024

I hate DiC cuz they cancelled SatAM (Sonic), but this is my honest unbiased opinion.
Each has their good points: Dic had a fantastic dub job, but the info was overly censored. Cloverway on the otherhand had an OK dub (poor Mercury!), more "correct" info, but a questionable translation(Mini Moon?!:( ). But the big thing that sets Cloverway apart is the music. All of it is the exact same thing as the originals :). I could rant on and on about DiC's attack names(flaming Mandalla sounds cooler than mars celestial fire suround) or cloverway's questionable names(Amara, Michelle,Trista, but why not change Hotaru's?). But in a nutshell , cloverway is better.
- Joelle

Both dubbers aren't that good at all. I guess I'm only saying that because I've actually seen the Japanese version of Sailor Moon. If I had to pick which is closest to the Japanese version, I'd say that Cloverway is. A lot of the episodes of Dic were more like adaptations of what the show appeared to be.
Dic is actually more consistent in names than Cloverway will ever be. And although Cloverway keeps the original songs, I dislike it because it's so strange hearing Japanese in an English show. Cloverway has really bad voice actors. Although I like the voices of Raye, Rini, Michelle, Hotaru, and Darien the majority of them really suck. It's especially bad when you can tell that the voice actors are trying to imitate the previous ones.
- Mary

Overall, I'd say Cloverway's done better.
I like how Cloverway kept the original music, and, as far as I know, at least, haven't cut single episode. The BGM for Saturn is so cool!!! Of course, it still has it's bad points. It's more inconsistent than Dic. Serena's new voice is obnoxious. Rini's is cute, though. All in all, Cloverway is truer to the original, but kind of a sloppy job.
- CJ

A lot of people have been saying that Cwi has done a better job because they made less cuts and kept the original music. This isn't all true. Cwi has made plenty of cuts. The first cut I noticed was in the very first episode Mina was going to punch Artemis and that was cut. There have been enough cuts. Transformations are still air brushed.
Cwi has the worst voice actors. Serena sounds like Mickey mouse on crack. Amara has no emotion and Hotaru sounds all shakey. Pluto has been made into a valley girl. Face it guys CWI is just as bad. There is bimbo slang to. ex: Mina when she first met Haruka said, "What a hunkasaurus!" What person says "hunkasaurus"? Pluto: As if like I would give you the pure heart crystal! And there are more things like this. DiC didn't keep the original voice actor and made Zocyte a girl. Cwi mad Haruka and Michiru cousins. People bash DiC for cutting out episodes for no reason. People don't bash CWI because they kept the music. They both did a awful job.

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