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The Amazon Trio appears in the first half of SuperS. The Trio is sent by Zirconia to find which person has the beautiful dream where Pegasus is hiding. All three were at one time animals and were transformed into human forms to carry out Zirconia's and Neherenia's bidding. They each dress rather femininely, and when not seeking Dream Mirrors, usually hang out in some kind of weird bar, talking about who they will attack next.

They have an interesting technique for extracting Dream Mirrors. They will count, one, two, three. On "one", a wall will magically appear. Then "two", the victim is restrained against the wall. Finally, "three", their dream mirror appears.

At first, the Trio do not know they were created from animals. This changes when TigersEye and FishEye realize they can't dream. They discover this when FishEye tries to extract a mirror from TigersEye and nothing happens. They confront Zirconia about this, and she then reveals their origin. Zirconia uses this to only put more pressure on the Trio, and tells FishEye if he fails one more time, he will be changed back into a fish! He does fail in his next attack, which is on Mamoru, and does not return to the Circus because he knows what will happen if he does. Usagi eventually spots him and offers for him to spend the night at her house. (At the time, Usagi thinks FishEye is a woman, by the way.)

The next morning, he discovers Usagi is Sailormoon when she uses a similar speach about Mamoru twice. Once as Moon, and once as Usagi. Soon after FishEye notices Chibiusa is speaking to Pegasus, and realizes she is the one who holds the dream they seek. FishEye returns to the circus, but refuses to pass this information on Zirconia. Zirconia decides to send HawksEye after Usagi because Zircon saw FishEye with Usagi the day before. Zirconia then attempts to kill FishEye, however he escapes and both he and TigersEye run after HawksEye. Zirconia then has a shadowy figure (later revealed to be PallaPalla) send a Lemures, Mister Magic Pierrot, after the Trio to kill them and retrieve Usagi's mirror.

The Lemures is successful in killing HawksEye, and also destroys Moon's Dream Mirror. TigersEye and FishEye use their power to restore Moon's mirror so she won't lose her dream. The process leaves them very weak and they die. Their bodies then revert to their animal forms. After Moon does away with the Lemures, Pegasus shows up, restores the Trio, and gives them back their human forms with their own dream mirrors. He then takes them with him to Elusion where they can live in peace.


TigersEye is the Circus' Lion Tamer, and often uses his whip as one of his weapons. TigersEye believes that the beautiful dream where Pegasus hides must be found in young, beautiful girls. TigersEye is egotistical, vain, and superficial. Which isn't helped by girls often swooning over him. That may sound bad, but, he isn't completely shallow. TigersEye does aid FishEye in repairing Moon's Dream Mirror, an unselfish act that leads to his death.


The Circus' Firebreather, with a matching hair style is HawksEye. Hawks Eye is a tough one, yet he acts as if he is the smartest member of the Trio. He always thinks his plans through, rather than relying solely on his looks like TigersEye. While TigersEye prefers younger girls, HawksEye prefers to attack more mature women. Not really old women, but women more around the age of Usagi's mother. (Who he does attack at one point.) Just like the other two, HawksEye is very loyal to the Trio and shares their desire to become fully human. He dies when he places himself in front of Mister Magic Pierrot's attack, to protect the others.


FishEye is one of the Circus' Acrobats. He always acts like a "she", wearing only women's clothing while in "civilian form". Keeping with that theme, while the others prefer to attack women of various ages, FishEye's beautiful dreamers are men. He's not to picky how old the men are, he will attack any age, from boys at Chibi-usa's school, right up to adults. FishEye also tends to fall in "love" with his victims, and often seeks their love before attacking. FishEye, being originally a fish, also has a strong fear of cats.


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