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Here's a list of the Lemures used by the Amazoness Quartet in each episode of the anime. The list includes the name of the Lemures, the character who called it into action, and a brief description of the Lemures.

Episode 149

Name: Mister Magic Pierrot
Called by: PallaPalla
Description: Mister Magic Pierrot throws "spade-like" blades at its opponents. We learn that Pierrot is called by PallaPalla because it starts to "grow" into a Lemures from a blue ball thrown by one of four mysterious girls that appear with Zirconia in an earlier scene. Mister Magic Pierrot is sent not to help the Trio, but to destroy them. It succeeds in killing Hawks Eye with one of it's spades, and also breaks Usagi's Dream Mirror. FishEye and TigersEye use the energy Zirconia gave them to repair Usagi's mirror, but they die soon after using up their energy.

Episode 150

Name: GaraGara Girl
Called by: VesVes
Description: The word "Gara" means "hiss", which is fitting because GaraGara Girl is a snake woman. All of the quartet appears in the episode, but VesVes is the one that actually calls the Lemures.

Episode 151KeroKero Girl

Name: KeroKero Girl
Called by: VesVes
Description: A frog-type Lemures. This Lemures actually gets very little air time, because VesVes, soon after calling it, traps the girls inside a computer! We then get Mercury's 'infamous' dream (wonder how CWI is going to pull that one off!). Then Super Sailor Mercury frees them from the computer, and as soon as they get out, Moon dispatches the poor Lemures.

Episode 152

Name: ManeMane Girl
Called by: VesVes
Description: A Monkey who's a bit of a copy-cat. Its power is the ability to mimic others, and it can also reflect attacks. It reflects Venus', Jupiter's and Mars' attacks. After eating Nanako's ("The Victim of the Day") Dream Mirror, it becomes Nanako. Nanako wants to be like Rei, so the Lemures does too. Mars tells the Lemures, it needs to find its own path, which confuses it just long enough to defeat it.

Episode 153

Name: GariGari Girl
Called by: PallaPalla
Description: A Lemures with a dentist drill for a tail and looks like a tube of Toothpaste. This is the episode where PallaPalla sets up a fake dentist office Usagi, Chibi-usa and Mamoru go to. The Lemures tries to drill Usagi's and Chibi-usa's teeth, but they start to cry, which leads to a double sound wave attack. (The attack Usagi uses in the very first episode of season one.) This buys them enough time to destroy the Lemures just before Palla's dentist office falls apart due to the damage from the sound wave attack.

Episode 154JaraJara Girl

Name: JaraJara Girl
Called by: CereCere
Description: A tulip with a "Pachinko" machine on its belly. Pachinko is a ball game, not exactly pinball, but very similar. Of course, JaraJara's attack is to throw Pachinko balls at its opponents. JaraJara uses the balls to back the girls into a trap, a giant Venus Fly-trap plant. Hey, it is CereCere after all...

Episode 155

Name: Tobikiri Rascal
Called by: JunJun
Description: A male flying acrobat, who's very quick, so quick it can avoid most attacks, and can even maneuver so the attack is reversed. Yep, Mars gets her attack reversed again! It's finally defeated when Chibi-moon manages to jump over it and makes it fall and crash into the ground.

Episode 156TogeToge Girl

Name: TogeToge Girl
Called by: CereCere
Description: Another CereCere ep, and another flower-type Lemures, this time a rose. However, TogeToge isn't a typical Lemures: first, she refuses to eat the Dream Mirror because it looks gross and only eats it after CereCere shoves it in her mouth; second, TogeToge says she doesn't like violence! Unfortunately for TogeToge, this nice peaceful rose is still done in by Sailor Moon, even though it never attacked! I guess they had to get the mirror back somehow...

Episode 157

Name: PaoPao Girl
Called by: VesVes
Description: An elephant-like Lemures with big ears! Doesn't do much besides eat Dream Mirrors and try to run down people.

Episode 158PeroPero Girl

Name: PeroPero Girl
Called by: PallaPalla
Description: A Candy Doll. The main ability of this Lemures is to split into even more and smaller sized monsters when hit by attacks. They are defeated when Mercury freezes them and they recombine into a humanoid, which is then destroyed by Moon.

Episode 159

Name: PakuPaku Rascal
Called by: JunJun
Description: A giant fish, who likes to eat everything from Dream Mirrors to Chibi-moon. Actually, Tuxedo Kamen shows up just before Chibi-moon is eaten (darn!) and shuts PakuPaku's mouth with a rose.

Episode 160Toy Soliders

Name: BiriBiri Rascal and the Toy Soldiers
Called by: JunJun and PallaPalla
Description: BiriBiri is an electric catfish called by JunJun, while the Toy Soldiers are just that, Toy Soldiers, called in by PallaPalla. The Soldiers fire canons at the victims, which causes their Dream Mirrors to appear. BiriBiri eats all the mirrors, but because it eats so much, it shorts out before it can attack and is easily destroyed.

Episode 161

No Lemures appeared in this episode

Episode 162

Name: Various Lemures
Description: Several different Lemures attack the Senshi as they try to get into the circus for the start of the final battle.

*Episodes 163 to 166, no Lemures are used to attack.

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