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Things work a little different in the Manga for the Trio. First of all, they are created from animals by the Amazoness Quartet, not Zirconia. The Quartet gives them human form by using PallaPalla's Palanquin Ball magic. Their purpose: to carry out the Quartet's wishes, and attack the survivors of the White Moon Kingdom, the Senshi.

In the manga, the poor Trio have little in the way of character development. If the manga was the anime, you would almost dare to call them "Monsters of the Day". They are each used to attack one senshi, and each time they are destroyed, unsuccessful in their missions. About the only thing you can credit the Trio with is providing the situations for Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter to receive new attacks.

FishEye is the first of the Trio members to go, in a failed attempt to attack Mercury. Ami visits a store where a disguised PallaPalla is selling fishes. Ami buys one because it reminds her of a fish on a post card from her father. The fish is actually FishEye, back in his animal form. At home, Ami begins to have dreams which appear in a mirror, about her mother finding a new man, and her father pushing Ami away. She then sees Usagi, Mamoru, and Chiba-usa as the family Ami wishes she had. FishEye then becomes human and Ami sees a vision of her kissing FishEye in the mirror. This sets Ami off and she tries to break free, but FishEye attacks her with Lemures. She next has a vision of SailorMercury which leads to her gaining the Aqua Rhapsody Attack. She uses the attack to destroy the mirror, stopping FishEye's dreams. Moon and Chibimoon then show up and destroy FishEye.

Next, it's TigersEye's turn to go after Mars. The Senshi are visiting the Dead Moon Circus, when Rei wanders off from the group, and spots a House of Mirrors. Once inside the building, she sees a vision of a younger looking Rei, who introduces herself as her alter ego. The Alter Ego talks about how Rei has suffered, how her parents left her, how Usagi and the others keep her too busy, tells her she should relax, and find love. At this moment, she sees an image of her and TigersEye. Rei decides she's had enough of this and uses an ofuda to stop the visions. However, Palla uses her magic and the visions start again. This time, Rei tries to transform, but something stops her, and she ends up passed out on the floor. Palla then asks TigersEye, who's now a Tiger again, if he's hungry, and askes if he wants to eat Rei. However, Rei's crows, Phebos and Demos, show up and interfere with TigersEye's lunch plans. While this is going on, Rei has a vision of Phebos and Demos in their human forms. They give her Crystal power, Rei rises and transforms, then uses Flame Sniper to kill TigersEye.

That of course, leaves us with HawksEye, who is sent after Jupiter. In the manga, HawksEye has a passion for herbs and spices. This is of course the perfect setup for Jupiter. They cross paths in a Supermarket when Makoto overhears HawksEye asking a clerk if they carry certain foreign spices, which they don't. Makoto tells HawksEye he should try the foreign speciality shops, at which point HawksEye reveals he is running such a shop, and brings Makoto and Chibi-usa to see it. HawksEye then gives Makoto a ring with a charm that will protect her. She leaves, but the ring eventually draws her back to HawksEye's store. There, she has tea with HawksEye, who soon reveals his true identity and attacks Makoto with Lemures. She passes out and of course begins to have visions. The visions lead to her gaining Crystal power and a new attack, Oak Evolution, which destroys HawksEye.


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