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Here's a list of "targets" the Trio went after in the anime. All of the victims ran into the Senshi somehow before they were attacked, or they were someone the Senshi already knew. In some cases, they were the Senshi themselves.

So, we have included their names, which of the Trio attacked them, and how the Senshi knew each victim.

Episode 128

Name: Furuhata Unazuki
Attacked by: TigersEye
Who?: Motoki's sister

Episode 129

Name: Reika
Attacked by: TigersEye
Who?: Motoki's girlfriend

Episode 130

Name: Tsukino Ikuko
Attacked by: HawksEye
Who?: Usagi's Mom

Episode 131

Name: Osaka Naru
Attacked by: TigersEye
Who?: Every villians favorite victim! Usagi's friend Naru!

Episode 132

Name: Saori
Attacked by: TigersEye
Who?: A college friend of Mamoru, who has a crush on him during the episode. She realizes Usagi is Sailormoon and decides she can't compeate with that, so she lets go of the crush.

Episode 133

Name: Sister Maria
Attacked by: TigersEye
Who?: In the episode, Minako ends up at the church where Sister Maria is, and finds TigersEye attacking her.

Episode 134

Name: Takase Tomoko
Attacked by: TigersEye
Who?: At the start of the episode, Usagi is looking at a book which was writen by Tomoko. Makoto reconizes the name as an old friend of her's before she was transfered.

Episode 135

Name: Morino-sensei
Attacked by: TigersEye
Who?: Chibi-usa's Teacher

Episode 136

Name: Hino Rei
Attacked by: TigersEye
Who?: Sailor Mars of course! TigersEye makes a visit to the shrine.

Episode 137

Name: Mr. Kitakata
Attacked by: FishEye
Who?: An illustrator who drew a picture book of fairies. Chibi-usa was looking at the book early in the episode.

Episode 138

Name: Natsumi
Attacked by: HawksEye
Who?: The owner of Ichinose Garage. She is the mechanic who works on Mamoru's car.

Episode 139

Name: Akiyama Miharu
Attacked by: TigersEye
Who?: A girl training to use the sword. (Not certain what "art" she is studying.) Moon and Chibi-usa first meet her training in a park.

Episode 140

Name: Usui Yoshiki
Attacked by: FishEye
Who?: A fashion designer who has a fashion show at the start of the episode.

Episode 141

Name: Aino Minako
Attacked by: HawksEye and TigersEye
Who?: Ummm that's Sailor Venus. Both HawksEye and TigersEye are dating her in the episode.

Episode 142

Name: Mayako
Attacked by: HawksEye
Who?: An old woman Mamoru runs into during a rain storm. He gives her his umbrella, Diana also gets taken in by the woman and given a bath and some food by her.

Episode 143

Name: Robert
Attacked by: FishEye
Who?: A student at Chibi-usa's school in the 6th grade. He's a member of the Soccer Club.

Episode 144

Name: Mizuno Ami
Attacked by: TigersEye
Who?: Tis Sailor Mercury. The girls all go to the beach, acompanied by Usagi's brother, Shingo. Shingo appears to have a crush on Ami in the episode and tries to save her from Tigers Eye.

Episode 145

Name: Kiriko
Attacked by: FishEye
Who?: A guy who is training at the Ballet Club Usagi decides to join.

Episode 146

Name: Princess Lubina
Attacked by: HawksEye
Who?: The princess of the Amethyst Kingdom. If your curious, she's not the same princess from season one of SM. The girls meet her while shopping and at a festival. They ended up meeting her in public, because the princess faked being sick and skipped out on a conference she was supposed to attend.

Episode 147

Name: Kino Makoto
Attacked by: FishEye
Who?: Yes, that's SailorJupiter. Wait, your asking FishEye attacked a girl? Well Jupiter was supposed to be TigersEye victim, but during the episode he falls for Makoto, so Fish Eye ends up stepping in to attack Makoto.

Episode 148

Name: Chiba Mamoru
Attacked by: FishEye
Who?: Now this is more like FishEye, he attacks Mamoru, aka Tuxedo Kamen.

Episode 149

Name: Tsukino Usagi
Attacked by: HawksEye
Who?: Yes, it's Moon. Now she does get her mirror extracted by HawksEye, but he doesn't get to look at it. The quartet (PallaPalla to be exact) sends in a Lemures who attacks the Trio before HawksEye can look at it. The Lemures destroys Moon's mirror, but TigersEye and FishEye repair it. They die soon after, but are of course brought back by Pegasus.

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