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Here's a list of the Lemures used by the Amazon Trio in each episode of the anime. The list includes the name of the Lemures, the character who called it into action, and a brief description of the Lemures.

Episode 128Karakuriko

Name: Karakuriko
Called by: TigersEye
Description: A Mechanical Doll, the first Monster to be done in by Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

Episode 129

Name: Kyokuba Danko
Called by: TigersEye
Description: An animal trainer who uses a whip as its weapon. The whip can even reflect some attacks, which it does against Mars' Burning Mandala.

Episode 130

Name: Dokanko
Called by: HawksEye
Description: "The human canon"

Episode 131Otedamako

Name: Otedamako
Called by: TigersEye
Description: A Juggler, who attacks with knives.

Episode 132

Name: Puko
Called by: TigersEye
Description: A female Balloon monster with a red stripe. Attacks by crushing her opponents with her size and weight. Is stabbed by Mamoru with a knife, which she repairs with some tape (after flying around a bit as air escapes from her body).

Episode 133

Name: Kigurumiko
Called by: TigersEye
Description: A "dress-up doll" that "transforms" into a Boxer, wearing a Kangaroo Costume. The costume gives Kigurumiko various extra abilities. It can place things, or in this case, Artemis, in it's pouch. When he is placed in the pouch, he ends up wearing a similar Kangaroo Costume and is "linked" to the Lemures. He feels any pain the Lemures suffers, and can also be controlled by the Lemures, as Minako finds out when Artemis hits her with a big upper-cut.

Episode 134

Name: Tenko
Called by: TigersEye
Description: Attacks with chains and bombs. Catches the senshi in chains and then tosses a time bomb to them. Tuxedo Kamen frees the girls with a rose, and Jupiter tosses the bomb back at Tenko, just as it blows up. That doesn't destroy it though, it's finally done in shortly after by Moon Gorgeous Meditation. (For an image see: Lemures Overview: Anime, top right corner of image)

Episode 135

Name: Hebihanabiko
Called by: TigersEye
Description: Attacks by inducing a dream in its victim and then tries to manipulate that person within their dreams.

Episode 136Mizugeiko

Name: Mizugeiko
Called by: TigersEye
Description: "Miss Water Magic". She rides on an umbrella and carries fans. The fans shoot acid which eats through the Senshi's uniforms. Also attacks with these weird paper fishes.

Episode 137

Name: Tsunawataro
Called by: FishEye
Description: A tightrope walker, tries to get the upper hand on its victims by lifting them up on a high tightrope which appears under the victim's feet. It uses this attack on Moon, and then scares her by shaking the rope.

Episode 138

Name: Buranko
Called by: HawksEye
Description: Uses a similar attack as Tsunawataro from ep 137. The difference is Buranko is a Trapeze Artist and thus lifts its victims in the air on Trapeze swings. It lifts Moon, Mercury and Chibi-Moon up by throwing them sticks which change into the swings. It then tries to cut the ropes of the swings the Senshi are holding with scissors.

Episode 139Ayatoriko

Name: Ayatoriko
Called by: TigersEye
Description: A spider-like knitter that uses yarn tricks. It can do various things with that red yarn, including reflect Mars' Fire Soul, and capture the Senshi.

Episode 140

Name: GomuMario
Called by: FishEye
Description: A beach ball, that first appears with a seal. GomuMario tells the Senshi it is the cousin of Puko (see ep 132). You will notice all of the "Ball-Type" Lemures are related in some way. The seal launches the Lemures who bounces around, hitting its opponents. It can also change into a human-like form, and also increase its size into a larger ball.

Episode 141

Name: Gittanko and Battonko
Called by: HawksEye (Gittanko), TigersEye (Battonko)
Description: Battonko is a smaller version of Gittanko, and they are see-saw acrobats. They begin their attack when Gittanko tosses a see-saw at the Senshi and one end buries itself under their feet. Both Lemures then jump on the other end, sending the Senshi flying. Battonko then attacks them in the air.

Episode 142Autobiko

Name: Autobiko
Called by: HawksEye
Description: A female stunt artist who rides inside of a wheel. The wheel damages whatever it runs over. It can run over walls, and ceilings.

Episode 143

Name: Mawashitaro
Called by: FishEye
Description: A carousel horse. At first, it looks like Pegasus, but then turns into a human in a horse-like costume. Calls four other carousel horses that it uses to create a dome to capture Pegasus. The dome is only destroyed when Pegasus gives Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus their super forms. They each use their improved power to destroy one of the horses.

Episode 144Ponko

Name: Ponko
Called by: TigersEye
Description: A weird one, it's best described as a human pump: it eats objects and then pumps them back out. Ponko eats two balls, red and white, and then asks the Senshi to choose one. Chibi-moon says white, Ponko says it's the wrong choice and attacks by popping the red ball out of it's mouth and then tossing the ball at the Senshi. The ball then explodes. It also has more powerful balls, it manages to use a blue one, threatens to use an even more powerful silver one, which Tuxedo Kamen stops, and then tries to use a deluxe gold one. However, it suddenly remembers it doesn't have a gold ball!

Episode 145

Name: Kurumiwario
Called by: FishEye
Description: Looks like a nutcracker, supposed to represent the "Nutcracker Suite" ballet. It first starts off by giving Moon and Chibi-moon dance lessons and eventually it shoots pieces of nuts out of its mouth at the Senshi.

Episode 146Elephanko

Name: Elephanko
Called by: HawksEye
Description: Another "Ball-Type" Lemures. This time, the ball appears with an elephant. This one mentions it was GomuMario's brother (see ep 140). This ball attacks by trying to run over its enemies.

Episode 147

Name: Shuffle Fluo
Called by: FishEye
Description: A card dealer who attacks with extremely sharp cards (surprise!) The cards can cut through just about anything. The joker card it uses has Zirconia's picture on it.

Episode 148

Name: Tobihaneru
Called by: FishEye
Description: A Trampoline Acrobat. It forces its victims to jump on the trampoline.

*Episode 149 : Despite this being a Trio episode, the Lemures is actually called by PallaPalla. Thus, we have included as one of the Quartet's Lemures.

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