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In the anime, the Lemures are the "Monsters of the Day", those monsters who are always called on to take care of the senshi, but also to give the major villains a chance to escape.

The Lemures all make their entrance by appearing out of the Trio's or Quartet's shadows. Each come in different types, sometimes depending on which Trio or Quartet member calls them. They are all related to circus performers, animals, or even objects. There's actually a whole family of Ball-type Lemures! All of the Lemures are fairly freaky looking, and very colorful. This appearence, combined with equally freaky personalities, results in the Lemures often providing a lot of the comic relief in SuperS.

Of course, the Lemures are destroyed one after the other, and we never see them again.

Check out our lists for the Trio, the Quartet, and Specials for individual information on all of the anime Lemures.

The Lemures:


In the manga, the Lemures basically look like floating Koosh balls from hell. But don't tell that to the Quartet, they think the things are cute! They are quite literally nightmares, that attack in large swarms. When they attack, they first drain their victim of energy, and then once the victim has been weakened they will absorb the person's dreams and replace them with the darkest of nightmares.

Their trait of attacking in swarms is their only advantage as they are fairly easy to destroy. Other than constantly cackling, the Lemures say nothing, and have no personalities. They simply go where the Quartet tells them to go.

Origin of the name in Mythology

The name "Lemures" comes from Roman mythology. They were spirits of the dead that walked around at night.

The Lemures: Manga

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