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The SuperS season contained a group of three special episodes shown between episodes 131 and 132. While the stories in the specials are outside of the overall storyline of SuperS, they do contain two more Lemures.

SuperS Special 2

Dummy Name: Dummy
This dummy is just like a ventriloquist's dummy. However, this one has a life of its own and it hungers for human energy. In the episode, it is going around a hotel absorbing the energy of the guests. Two of these guests just happen to be Michiru and Haruka in their only SuperS appearance. Haruka gets captured, and is about to be drained by the dummy, but Sailor Neptune appears and stops the dummy. Sailor Uranus then destroys the dummy. At this point, it is also revealed the ventriloquist and the maid who were helping the dummy were also under its control and they are freed when the dummy is destroyed. We know the dummy was a Lemures because we later see the symbol of the Dead Moon Circus on a piece of its head.

SuperS Special 3

Lyrica Name: Vampire Lyrica Hubert
A new student comes to Chibi-usa's school, named Ririka. Chibi-usa and her friends go to visit Ririka's house, a large Embassy, which is believed to be haunted. Once there, Ririka starts sucking people's blood, and when Chibi-usa sees her, Ririka says it's her she's after and transforms into a vampire girl with bat wings, the Vampire Lyrica. The Senshi show up to save Chibi-usa and use their special attack to help stun it... What is the special attack? Well, let's just say it involved the Senshi eating Korean dishes with garlic for dinner and then breathing on the Vampire. ChibiMoon and Moon then use their attacks on the vampire. Ririka is freed from the Vampire, who had only possessed her. We know this one was a Lemures by the scene that follows. Zirconia and the Trio are talking about how yet another Lemures was defeated by the Senshi.

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