The Quartet's Victims
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Here's a list of "targets" the Quartet went after in the anime. All of the victims ran into the Senshi somehow before they were attacked, or they were someone the Senshi already knew. In some cases, they were the Senshi themselves.

So, we have included their names, which of the Quartet attacked them, and how the Senshi knew each victim.

Episode 150

Name: Momo
Attacked by: CereCere and VesVes
Who?: Chibi-usa's best friend from school. CereCere hypnotizes her with pollen from a flower and VesVes extracts her mirror once she is under the spell.

Episode 151

Name: Toshiyuki Nishio
Attacked by: VesVes
Who?: A music composer. Ami discovers one of his songs through an online service. Ami finds the music quite beautiful and decides to write lyrics for it. She then decides to find Nishio so she can show him her lyrics.

Episode 152

Name: Nanako
Attacked by: VesVes
Who?: A girl who starts working at Rei's shrine. After reading a magazine article on Rei, she ends up wanting to be like Rei, and thus ends up at the shrine.

Episode 153

Name: None really, but various people are effected by the scheme.
Attacked by: PallaPalla
Who?: There is no dream mirrors shown being extracted in the episode, but there are several people affected by PallaPalla's plan to get mirrors. She creates an illusion that gives everyone toothaches, and then opens her own fake Dentist office where people can go for treatment. Of course, she wasn't going to treat anyone, she was going to extract their mirrors. Usagi, Chibi-usa, and Mamoru go to Palla's office, only to discover this and they foil Palla's plan.

Episode 154

Name: Mr. Honjo
Attacked by: CereCere
Who?: The head of the kindergarten at Chibi-usa's school. The Senshi meet him while helping out with a school fair.

Episode 155

Name: Kyusuke
Attacked by: JunJun
Who?: A male friend of Chibi-usa, who is happening to have trouble with gymnastics.

Episode 156

Name: "A Poor Painter"
Attacked by: CereCere
Who?: A "starving" artist who paints in the park. Usagi makes him a meal (which of course is made poorly). CereCere appears later with a limo, posing as a wealthy woman who wants her portrait painted. She brings him to her mansion where she proves to be quite picky about her portrait; however, the artist ends up impressing her in the end. Despite that, CereCere still steals his mirror.

Episode 157

Name: Hiroki
Attacked by: VesVes
Who?: A guy from Chibi-usa's school. His dream is to fly with a hand-made airplane. He tries to fly his bike in the episode. VesVes shows up to meet him in an old-style flight outfit complete with jacket and goggles.

Episode 158

Name: Several People - Puppet Show
Attacked by: PallaPalla
Who?: Once again, Palla goes after several victims at once. Early in the episode, she runs a puppet show. All the puppets die at the end of the show and Palla basically calls it a "happy ending". This upsets the spectators, so Palla extracts their mirrors. Later in the episode, she manages to get even more mirrors out of another group of people.

Episode 159

Name: "A man feeding fish"
Attacked by: JunJun
Who?: A man feeding the fish in the park of course! The Senshi believe Chibi-usa has a crush on someone after Usagi overhears her talking to someone (Pegasus) in her room. Later, when they are with the rest of the girls, Usagi asks who it was and Chibi-usa lies and says it was Momo, but Usagi thinks she is lying, and believes it's someone Chibi-usa has a crush on. So for the rest of the episode, the girls are curious who the guy is and follow her around. Eventually, Chibi-usa is in a park and sees a man feeding the fish. The girls see him too and think for a second that he might be her crush. JunJun appears right at that moment and attacks the man.

Episode 160

Name: Several People - Coming of Age Ceremony
Attacked by: PallaPalla extracts the mirrors, but all of the AQ are there
Who?: All of the Senshi and the Quartet get jobs helping to setup and run a Coming of Age Ceremony. (A Coming of Age Ceremony is a ceremony in Japan where all the people turning 20 that year are invited). PallaPalla calls out her Toy Soldiers during the ceremony. The toys shoot canons into the crowd, who lose their mirrors when they are hit.

*Episodes 161 to 166, there are no victims.

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