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There are several differences with the Quartet in the manga. The Quartet in the manga acts as a group, and don't have as much in the way of distinct personalities in comparison to the anime. The Quartet appears to be more evil, and not as playful as they are in the anime. They also play a much more predominate, commanding role, and appear throughout the "Dream" manga. They are the ones who create and use the Amazon Trio, not Zirconia. They can also command other members of the Circus, including the knife throwing twins, Xenotime and Zeolite

Zirconia eventually seals the Quartet inside their own magic balls, which Saturn manages to hold on to and later presents them to Moon who has become Neo-Queen Serenity. Moon frees the Amazoness, and in doing so, transforms them into their true forms, the Sailor Quartet.

Each of the Sailor Quartet are named after some of the larger Asteroids in the Asteroid Belt. CereCere becomes SailorCeres, VesVes changes to SailorVesta, JunJun is now SailorJuno and PallaPalla ends up as SailorPallas. The Sailor Quartet were meant to sleep deep in the jungles of the Amazon until Chibi-usa completed her training as a senshi. At that time, they would awake and fight with her. It was Neherenia's curse on the Moon Kingdom that caused them to turn into the Amazoness Quartet, and follow the Circus. Once they were freed from the Circus, they returned to the jungle to sleep again until they were needed...


The Manga: 18 Tankubon

...which comes in the final issue of the Manga, Volume 18.

In Tankubon 18, SailorMoon, SailorChibiChibi have been suspended on crosses and captured by SailorHeavyMetalPapillon. With the Inners, Outers and Starlights now all assumed dead, there is no one left to save them. However, if you haven't guessed by now, SailorChibiMoon and the Sailor Quartet appear. ChibiMoon uses her powers to free SailorMoon and company while the Quartet uses their combined power, the "Amazoness Jungle Arrow", to kill the suprised HeavyMetalPapillon (owch!).

The Quartet stick around through the rest of the manga, continuing to play an important role. They are the ones who learn ChibiChibi's true identity is SailorCosmos. They aren't the first to see her, SailorMoon does see her first, but the Quartet are the ones who discover her name and purpose.


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