SM People's Choice Awards 6
  The 2002 Awards

The vote has three phases:
  1. The Nomination Period - During this time you can nominate any site you wish so it may qualify for the vote.
  2. The Finalists - After the Nomination Period ends the four of us will narrow down the nominations so there are four to six finalists in each catagory. This is simply to make the vote more easy to mange for both you and us.
  3. The Final Vote - Once the finalists are selected and announced, the voting will begin. Naturally, the site that receives the most votes in each catagory wins.

Phase 1: Nominations

Phase 2: Finalist Selections
  • Due to the fact a vote on a large list of sites would be impossible and futile, we will narrow down the nominations received in each of the three categories.
  • The usual guidelines that we use to decide on sites for the "Best of the Month" reviews will be used to narrow down the field.
  • This phase usually takes about one or two weeks to complete, however it may run longer if extra time is needed to narrow down the nominations.
  • Any sites which are selected as finalists will be told 24 hours in advance in order to have a chance to prepare their web sites before the voting begins.
Phase 3: The Final Vote
  • As soon as the finalists are announced, voting will begin.
  • You will be allowed to vote ONCE in each category. In other words, you have one vote for the Best Combo Site, one vote for the Best Shrine Site, and one vote for the Best Miscellaneous Site. You do not have to vote in all the categories at once. You may vote in one category now and vote in the other categories later.
  • The owners of all the finalist sites are allowed to vote and are also allowed to campaign for votes. However, if we receive any complaints about a finalist's campaign tactics we will consider removing that site from the vote. We will contact the finalist to warn them before any such action is taken.

    Suggestions for campaigning: Place this page's URL in your email signature files. Add a link banner on your index page. Do not email people at random just to get votes. (Spamming is a no-no)

  • The present Amazoness Quartet or any of it's former members are not permitted to vote. (Don't worry we know who they are. ^_-)
  • The voting period takes at least one month to complete. The winners will be announced approximately one to two days after voting is closed.
The Categories
  • Category # 1 - Combo Sites: Sites in this category should have at least three of following elements: Profiles on all or most of the characters, Image Galleries, Multimedia Files, Fanficition or Fanart Sections, HTML help, Japanese Culture Information, Merchandise Information, and Opinion Sections.
  • Category # 2 - Shrine Sites: For this category, sites must focus on one character or one recognized group of characters. (For example: The Amazoness Quartet!) NOTE: The shrine must not be part of a larger combo site (ie: part of a larger profile section). It can be part of a collection of several independent shrines, but should still be a stand alone shrine with its own index page. No links to another page by the same person other than for advertising purposes.
  • Category # 3 - Miscellaneous: As the name says, this category is open to any SM site other than Combo and Shrine sites. For example: Fanfic and Fanart Archives, Image Galleries, Multimedia Directories, Web page reviewers (do not bother to nominate us ^_-), Link Pages, etc.

  • If we receive a lot of nominations for a particular type of site we will add a fourth category for those nominations during the vote.
Other Terms and Conditions:
  • We reserve the right to cancel this process at any time, for any reason.

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