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She is Neherenia's representative in the "Real World" and passes her orders on to the Amazon Trio and The Amazoness Quartet.

Zirconia's constant companion is an eye with wings named Zircon. Zircon is literally Zirconia's eye, spying on potential victims, the Trio, and the Quartet for Zirconia. Zircon often presents the photo of the next victim for the Trio or Quartet. When it's not flying around it perches on Zirconia's staff.

Like the others in the Circus, Zirconia has her own special technique for extracting Dream Mirrors which she uses only once on Chibimoon. She uses a golf swing, her staff is her club and Zircon is the ball (poor Zircon!). When Zircon hits Chibimoon, out pops her Dream Mirror. Let's see Tiger Woods try that one!

Zirconia has various problems with the Quartet, including a one on one fight with VesVes. In the battle between the Senshi and Zirconia, she uses the Quartet and absorbs their powers to use against the Senshi. Mercury figures out the energy is coming from the Quartet's balls and says they must destroy them. VesVes says they can't or they will become adults and lose their dreams. Moon assures them their dreams will not disappear and the Quartet decides to destroy their own magic balls. Zirconia loses power and retreats. However, soon after, Neherenia kills Zirconia for her failures.


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