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Queen Neherenia is, of course, the leader of the Dead Moon. She only appears occasionally in mirrors throughout most of SuperS, only passing on orders to her underlings. You don't really get to see her in action till the very final episodes. Her mission is to gain control of the Golden Crystal so she can have power over the world.

Neherenia's people age and look like Zirconia once they are older. Neherenia maintained her beauty by "eating" the dreams of her subjects, who became members of the circus once their dreams had been removed.

In the last episode of SuperS, Neherenia manages to escape defeat. She tosses Chibimoon over a cliff, forcing SailorMoon to rescue her, while Neherenia takes the chance to escape. She once again seals herself in the mirror realm, so she can remain forever young and beautiful. However, this isn't the last we see of her, as Neherenia has the distinction of being the only enemy in SailorMoon to appear in more than one season.

In the opening of SailorStars, she is "awakened" by an unknown voice. The voice convinces her that she was tricked by SailorMoon and she should seek revenge against her. Neherenia then starts appearing in mirrors on Earth, and sending monsters called Mirror Paredory to attack the Senshi. She eventually lures a brainwashed Mamoru into her realm and captures him. Of course, the Senshi try to follow in order to save him. Once in the mirror relm, Neherenia traps and captures each of the Senshi, except Usagi.

Eventually, Usagi catches up to Neherenia, and we learn Neherenia feels lonely, being by herself for so long. She wishes she could return to her kindgom, the way her kindgom was before she was corrupted. Usagi decides she's not so evil after all and she "heals" Neherenia, returns her to her kingdom as a innocent young princess before she was corrupted by the search for eternal beauty.

Later, it's revealed that Galaxia was responsible for awaking Neherenia. Galaxia somehow knew that Neherenia's return would also "awaken" the spirit of SailorSaturn within Hotaru, which would cause her to age and become a Senshi once more. Galaxia wanted this so she could capture all of the Senshi Star Seeds.


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