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We developed this section of our page due to the several questions we had been getting about the Amazoness Quartet and the Dead Moon Circus. SMSS is not that popular of a season, so there was very little info out there about the Dead Moon Circus. So we got together and pulled together our info from watching episodes of SMSS, and reading manga from SS and Stars.

Some additional information came from some of the synopsis and seiyuu sections within Doi's Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, and various reference books (For Asteriod, Mineral, and Mythological information). Special thanks also goes out to Ian Andreas Miller for help with the Lemures lists and pictures, plus providing other information and input on this site.

The pics on this page were donated, or scanned by us. All of them were then edited by the us. Please ask us if you would like to use them on your page, and do not direct-link them under any circumstances. Thank you.

Sailormoon is Takeuchi Naoko, Toei, Kodansha, and several other rights holders throughout the world. This page was not made for a profit of any kind, not one red cent. :)

The Dead Moon

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