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  Guest Article: April 9th, 1999

Way to go, Scot and Jen!

By: Grant Oberg

Beginning on March 31, 1999, Scot, the owner of, blocked out all users to his site, citing that a certain AOL user named "Chibi Pearl" had sent him a very obnoxious flame, causing him to be so mad, he simple blocked out all users. A copy of the flame was shown, and I read it several times, grinning at the udder stupidity of of "Chibi Pearl".

Being an AOL member, I have one thing to say to Scot and Jen: WAY TO GO! Finally, someone is standing up to obnoxious idiots who flame people's sites. I don't mind losing access to for a week, or even a month, if this idiotic flamer gets put in his/her/its place.

I'd like to break apart the flame for you, and give you my reaction. The first part says that Scot must think he's the best Sailormoon site around, just because he has a domain. Okay, this is not true. I own a domain, and I pray to god every day that I don't end up on the Amazoness Quartet, the M-Squad, the Fifth Witch, or any website like that. Scot and Jen have pumped several working hours on, and it shows. The devotion they've put into is probably one of the coolest examples of dedication and pride of one's site I've ever seen. If just half of Sailornet had this kind of devotion to their sites (and some of you do, I know!), it would definitely be a better place. Well, maybe not better, since the AQ would be out of a job. :P

The second part of the flame is basically how little information there is on the page. Of course there isn't! is mainly a media library, with a webpage help area, and a huge link list. However, in the libraries, there is also an HTML version of the Sailormoon FAQ, which covers a ton of things. (For those who don't know, the Sailormoon FAQ is a large collection of information about Sailormoon on an international scale. Its also known as WinFAQ.) In other words, wasn't meant to be a mainly informational site.

The third part talks about the rant Scot put up a few days ago, saying that about 60% of all flames come from AOL users. I can understand this. I've been in the AOL Sailormoon chatrooms. You don't want to know what goes on in there. Scot's rant on AOL users was fair; even I hate AOL, and I use the service. Besides, people are entitled to their opinions and I encourage ranting on your page. However, I don't encourage flaming, since it usually ignites flame wars, and can tear up friendships easily (though there is defiantly no love lost between AOL and myself).

The fourth and longest part (it was made up of about three whole sentences!) said that knew it didn't scan all the images in their massive image library. Um, excuse me, but I don't think that Scot EVER said that he personally captured/scanned any of the pics in the library. All images in the library were created and edited by Jen (as in the free web graphics section) and almost all were donated by users. This says so right on the image credits page!

Okay, I've covered it all. Many people may be wondering why I'm writing this article. I'm an AOL user, so that must mean I'm some sort of traitor! HA! I hate AOL. I never did like it, but I live in rural southeast Alabama. AOL is the only service I CAN get. Fortunately for me, I'll be moving soon...

In summary, I suggest you read the March 1999 rant at You can find it at Then, you'll understand my position.

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