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  Guest Article: July 1st, 1999


By: Ceili

"Tsuki no hikari wa ai no message."
"Sailor Moon Says ... See ya!"

Which one do we want?

Seriously, has anyone else noticed the split in the "SM Online Community?" There are those who says DiC is the only version to watch, and those who call DiC an unprofessional, botched attempt to make good of an already good Japanese version. And then there's me, one of the few souls who seek a balance in their love of the show. I watch both versions with regularity and find flaws in both, but I love each with equal amount. I can't find myself degrading the version DiC, though I can find numerous faults with it. And equally I can't insult the finer points of the Japanese version.

Let's face it, neither version is perfect. Ever watched the Japanese version _real_ close? The words don't match the motions. And the storyline . . . well, kind of transparent. But I'm not saying the Japanese version sucks. I mean, look at DiC. Impossible for them to match motions with words; they did a commendable job though. They deepened the inter character relationships beyond any translation's wildest dreams. As for filling in for plot transparency. When, in the Japanese, Luna was telling them Sailor Moon was from the Moon (oh, who couldn't guess?), they made it into a discussion about a possible new scout.

And why do people fear the DiC version? I do recall a "sad day" as posted on a mailing list; the day when Pluto was made into a scout. *gasp* Treacherous DiC! Why couldn't they cut her out of the plot, like I've heard some ask? Well, because she took too much plot weight. Duh!

Why "bash" any version at all? They both shine under certain lights, and they both slump and fail under others.

Thank you for reading my personal discussion on balance in version loving.

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