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The name of the manga story which features the Dead Moon Circus as the enemy's of the Senshi. Like the anime is called "SuperS", the manga is called, "Dream".
Dream Mirrors
Also called "Soul Mirrors". A mirror which represents, and displays the most beautiful, or happiest dreams of a person. Helios/Pegasus hides within beautiful dreams, therefore The Trio and Quartet in the anime attack people, and extract their dream mirrors, hoping to find Pegasus and the Golden Crystal.
Elusion is the relm Helios comes from. While Neherenia and the Circus represent bad dreams, and nightmares, Elusion represents beautiful, good dreams. The name finds it's orgin in Greek mythology, from the Elusian fields. The fields was a relm which was the final resting place for the good and heroic. Basically, the anicent Greeks concept of heaven.
Helios / Pegasus
Helios (also sometimes believed to be spelt "Elios") is a Priest of Elusion. Helios has a human form, but often appears as a Pegasus. Both forms have a Golden horn on his head which contains the Golden Crystal Neherenia is after.
The central enemy of the SailorStars story in both the manga and anime. Her goal is to capture the Star Seeds of the Senshi, which is the center of the Senshi's soul and powers. It is eventually revealed she is working for a being known as Chaos.
Golden Crystal
The Crystal contained within the horn of Helios. The goal of the Dead Moon Circus is to obtain it. It of course has great powers, and with it, Neherenia would have the power to control the world.
The scrolls Rei uses to ward off evil.
The fifth season, or story in the TV Series. The first half of this season has Queen Neherenia return to cause problems for the Senshi. This half is tied into the second half of the season when Galaxia reveals she was the one who awoke Neherenia, and convinced her to attack again. Galaxia's plan was to awaken the spirit of Saturn within Hotaru so Galaxia could eventually obtain all of the Senshi Star Seeds.
The fourth season, or story in the BSSM TV Series. It's during this season the Dead Moon Circus appears as the Senshi's enemy.
Xenotime and Zeolite
Characters that appear in Volume 13, Act 38 and Volume 14, Act 39. They appear only in the manga, and not in the anime. They are twins, and the Circus' master knife throwers. The Quartet calls on them to attack the senshi, after the Trio has all failed and been destroyed. They hold a fake, beauty pagent, which Minako enters. Eventually they reveal their true intentions and have some Lemures attack the contestants. At first, Minako tries to escape, only to be pinned down by Xenotime's and Zeolite's knives. She gives in to the Lemures, but is awaken by Artemis. VesVes, springs a trap door on her, but Artemis stops her from falling and eventually transforms to his human form. He then gives her Crystal Power, she transforms, and uses her new attack power to destroy both Xenotime and Zeolite.

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